Patchiness Defect in Paint: Precautions and Repairs

Painting anything makes our surrounding more attractive. It gives an attractive look and protects surfaces of wall, wood, metal, etc. Proper wall decoration is very important as it can completely change the look and feel of a room.  Deterioration of the paint earlier to its rated life is considered as a failure of the paint.

Several defects like, blistering, wrinkling, cracking, etc. are observed in painting, either during or after the paint application. These defects arise either due to effect of atmosphere, sunlight, heat, humidity and dust either individually or jointly deteriorating it. Among them, patchiness is one of the most common defects observed after the paint application.

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Patchiness is known as the uneven finish or scratch like things appearing on the putty-applied surfaces. It is caused due to the highly absorbent nature of the surface and presence of foreign matters in the putty. We have already discussed causes of patchiness in our recent article.

Precautions to Prevent Patchiness on Painted Surface:

  • Prepare smooth base.
  • Always apply a primer coat after applying putty.
  • Cracks in plaster should be filled properly with cement sand mixture.
  • Increase the amount of paint on the roller or brush to allow better distribution of paint.
  • Apply the paint in a “W”or zig-zag pattern to ensure an even finish and preferably six months or monsoon.
  • Allow new walls to get cured for at least three months.

Tips for Fixing or Repairing Wrinkling:

  • Thoroughly clean down the surfaces to remove all dirt, grease and surface contaminants.
  • Apply an extra coat of primer or use good quality sealer.
  • Apply thin coats of putty.
  • Scrap the surface and repaint adopting right surface preparation.

One should therefore apply the paint carefully after reading the manufacturer’s instruction. Understand properly the causes of patchiness and give defect free life to your patching up your house.

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