Perfect Kitchen: Ventilation-Safety-Lighting-Other Activities!

Kitchen is the most important space in a layout of the house. It is mostly used for the Preparation of meals, Preservation of food,  Storage to Food & Utensils, Washing of Utensils, Vegetables, etc. While planning a new kitchen, the first and important step is to plan the layout which makes the best use of the space.

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3 Points to Keep in Mind While Planning Ventilation for Kitchen:

Kitchens should have to be well ventilated to get rid of food odours, fumes, gas etc.

kitchen Window-natural light-kill germs-pleasant environment
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01. For proper ventilation there should be a provision of window to allow fresh air. The location of window is important as it should not be located behind stove such that the flames can be affected by wind and cooking food gets exposed to dust.

02. Window sill should be at least 6” inch above the countertop.

03. It is advisable to have an exhaust fan either in wall or as a chimney hood above the stove to throw out the odours and fumes of kitchen.

3 Things to Keep in Mind for Cooking Safely in Kitchen:

01. From safety point of view, the very first thing to keep in mind is to avoid sharp corners such that as for example counter top edges should be rounded off and smooth.

kitchen-countertops-corners rounded-for safety
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02. The gas cylinder used for cooking should be kept outside the house where it is well ventilated such that any leaks will not cause an explosion in kitchen. If the gas line is provided within kitchen then it is advisable to switch off when not in use.

Kitchen gas used for cooking-switch Off &On -not in use
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03. If possible the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers should be provided with safety catches to limit exploratory activities from children’s, pets, etc.

kitchen-safety catches-for children access and safety
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Planning Considerations for Lighting in a Kitchen:

Good and perfect lighting helps to prevent exhaustion or fatigue and to create a pleasing environment working in kitchen.

kitchen-well lit with artificial or natural light
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A well lit kitchen should have minimum shadows which help to see clearly while cutting, cooking, etc. Therefore it is advisable to have lighting under the overhead cabinet for working on counter.

Natural sunlight should be allowed to flood in kitchen as it contains a UV rays which act as germicide for killing the germs. Therefore adequate lighting makes kitchen more attractive to work for long period of time.

Other Activities Carried Out in Kitchen:

Usually many families like to eat a quick meal in kitchen. At the same time kids also enjoy watching their mother preparing food and serving them which is generally provided for having breakfast. These seating’s within the kitchen can also be provided around kitchen island or as an extended open counter which is used as gossiping seat for women’s working together in kitchen. For example according to Indian tradition, when guest arrive home men’s usually gossips in living room but women are always busy working in kitchen so they prefer to seat in dining or kitchen such that they can take care of cooking activities too.

Kitchen-mother taking care of children-while cooking with play area in kitchen
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Also adequate provision for infants care such as toys and games should be provided in kitchen. Since younger children’s want to move around and play and at same time want to be near to their mother. Therefore if possible, play area should be away from work centers such that mother can supervise while cooking in kitchen.

From cleaning point of view, cleaning stove, platform, Grooming and washing such as washing hands, Utensils Vegetables. Fruits, Meat, etc frequently takes place in kitchen.

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