What are the Points that I should Check in the Construction Permission while Buying a House?

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You can always get copy of the approved plan with construction permission from builder. This can also be obtained under RTI Act, if he doesn’t supply it.

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While scrutinising the construction permission and approved plans you must check the following:

  • Whether the plans are stamped and signed by authority showing the description of the land on which the project is proposed.
  • Detailed plans of the building showing rooms, balcony, staircase, toilets, lift, open space etc.
  • Margins i.e. open spaces to be provided from front road as well as adjoining / neighbour plots.
  • Permissible construction on the ground floor.
  • Maximum height allowed for construction
  • Location of common open plot, if applicable in large projects.
  • Whether such plans have been prepared by the licensed architect. The certificate of architect pertaining to the same.
  • Certificate of structural engineer stating that he has designed as per the provision of Indian standards or standards applicable in particular country.
  • Certificate from the clerk of the work / site engineer stating that he will supervise the work and he will be carried out as per the approved plans and specifications and prescribed quality standards and specifications.
  • Calculation as to what is the FSI and how much FSI has been used and how much is unused?
  • Who has the right to use the balanced FSI in future?
  • The provision of parking for two wheelers, four wheelers.
  • Location of common infrastructure like Under Ground water tanks, Pumping station, Transformer etc. in case of large projects.
  • Location from where the water and drainage connections would be made.
  • Date of permission, validity of permission, whether permission is valid on the date you want to start construction.
  • Any other special conditions attached with the permission.
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