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Single wall arrangement most is suitable for the house where there is narrow and limited space for kitchen. It is a usual arrangement which includes sink in between stove and refrigerator also there can be many different layouts for single wall arrangement concept!

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  • All appliances, ingredients and food preparation area tends to be within and easy to reach in this single wall layout.
  • This layout is perfect for small families; for those who live in limited space. It gives you maximum floor area for traffic, other furniture and also creates a sense of openness in room.
  • The countertop and shelving against wall with no island on the way, enables the space to be more flexible where extra (free stand table, cart etc) can move easily when necessary for dining area or as additional work zone.
  • This kitchen work best with sink in center and allow counter space on either side.
  • Due to the minimum need for countertop surface and cabinets (depending on space), it will naturally save on materials.
  • No corner base/upper cabinet which increases the functionality of the kitchen as compare to other kitchen Layouts.


  • This is least efficient plan as the cook has to walk from one end to the other end of kitchen many times while cooking.
  • Due to its smaller size and single length it offers a very limited counter space and difficult for multiple cooks to work together at same time.
  • Due to lack of counter space sometime it is necessary to utilise a kitchen island for preparation of food or adding the work centre.
  • Lack of storage space as compared to other kitchen arrangements.

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