14 Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom!

Remodeling a bathroom can be as simple as changing out the towel rods & faucets or as complex as knocking down walls & rearranging everything including tubs & toilets. It can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Due to fast changes in lifestyle and material as well as construction technology it gives you a feeling that your bathroom is old outdated and you need to renovate bathroom with a complete makeover. Sometimes you also feel that it’s not up to latest style and fashion, particularly when you see the one recently built.  Of course, there is a limit to what you can do, but within reasonable budget also you can do many things while remodeling a bathroom.

List of questions you should ask yourself before you  remodel your bathroom:

Are you bored with the existing one and hence are you thinking to give your bathroom a fresh and new look?

Do you feel that your home is not attractive because of your bathroom?

Do you think you can get a better price of your home in the market by remodeling a bathroom?

Are you fed up with the leakages in faucets, pipes etc.

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To remodel your bathroom as a whole with a total makeover is the most expensive. You will end up spending huge money if you take up a grand makeover including fixing design faults, increasing size and amenities, adding fixtures, over hauling services and revisiting entire interior again. This will be a huge cost and should not be attempted unless you can afford without any loan or mortgages. However, there are many ways to plan cleverly and put in the effort yourself and hence can be remodeled in your budget.

Remember here we are neither fixing design faults nor increasing size or amenities or fixtures nor fixing major services related problems. Herein we are simply giving tips for giving it a fresh look within a reasonable budget.  It is understood that there are no leakages. Reading this article you will got to know how to renovate bathroom within a reasonable budget.

01. Look at your Floor Tiles:

The first step to remodel your bathroom is to look around your bathroom and check the tiles. Are they cracked, broken or simply old tiles?  Fix everything that needs fixing first; by improving you will get a good improvement in the bathroom. Your old tiles may be of smaller sizes or of white colour. Changing the tiles with large size and coloured tiles with a possible change in wall tiles will change the whole feel of the bathroom. This effort can be well worth and tiles are also generally quite affordable for the renovator to renovate your bathroom. Nowadays hundreds of size, colour and design combinations are available. you will go mad while selecting.

02. Repaint the Wall, Ceiling, Door:

You can also remodel your bathroom by replacing wallpaper or repainting the wall. If you are painting over the paint, first remove all sticky, dirty and flaked area by cleaning and sanding the surface. Ensure that your walls are free from the damp.

Place painter’s masking tape over edges you don’t want to paint and cover furnishing, the tub and shower, etc. with drop cloths. Stains of paint will give the dirty look, so avoid them first. Contrasting paint colour can be used to highlight the area where it is relevant while remodeling a bathroom.

You can wait for the sale on paint if you really want to save a lot. If you know the good painter, you might be able to get trade price, if the painter is willing to help you, you can also repaint your bathroom door when remodeling a bathroom.

03. Changing Wall Tiles:

If you have tile dado up to 3’-00, you can think of covering entire height of walls. If you want it within your budget think of changing along with floor tiles. You can also change tiles on one wall by selecting contrast colour. But this should not necessitate changing of fixtures due to change of colour of tiles, otherwise it will be unending.

04. Refurnish Wooden Cabinets:

Your wooden cabinets can also be updated while remodeling a bathroom. Sand the wooden surface of your existing cabinet and stain it or repaint it with a colour that complements the bathroom walls. Be sure to use waterproof latex paint. Repair any broken part of the wooden cabinet before painting, staining or varnishing. Loose parts should be nailed or glued back into place firmly to avoid any further loosening.

05. Refinish the Wood Trim Around Openings & Floor:

While remodeling a bathroom, you can remove all old trim carefully instead of buying a new one. Remove the paint, sand the pieces of trim, repaint and then apply a varnish. By doing this, the trim will look new at minimal cost.

06. Replace the Fixtures & Hardware:

You can replace your bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware while remodeling a bathroom. By adding new lighting fixtures, new mirror, your bathroom will have a new look. Remember that new does not mean a brand new. You can buy it from the local market, check online auction, you will find both modern and antique fixtures for the bargain. This is the simplest way to remodel your bathroom by only replacing the old one.

07. Buy DIY Plumbing Kit:

While remodeling a bathroom, you can upgrade your fixture by purchasing do it yourself  (DIY) plumbing kit. Most of these kits come with a very detailed set of instructions. Changing the showerhead, faucets and soap holder can really lift a bathroom. Try some colour contrast and something that you can easily remedy.

If you want to change only bath cubical in your bathroom, not the whole bathroom space you can easily do it by using DIY plumbing kit and can easily replace and install your shower cubicle.

08. Use your Existing Flooring:

People always look closely at a bathroom floor because it speaks about the hygiene of your bathroom. If your bathroom has a wooden floor, first sand the wood and then apply 2 or 3 thin coats of varnish. Your floor will look brand new.

The simplest way to remodel your bathroom floor is to remove your floor carpet, especially if you are selling your home. As it was fashionable some decades ago; it is never appealing due to the moisture and mildew factor as well as presentation.

09. Replace the Accessories:

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Replacing all your towels, curtains & rugs is the easy way to renovate the bathroom. You can buy a new shower curtain and curtain rings. You can also purchase everything separately and coordinate the sets. Buy new hamper & wastebaskets. Assortments of new accessories can uplift the look of your bathroom without touching the walls & floor.

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10. Turn Old Towels into Bath Mats:

Instead of throwing old towels you can use it as a mat. It is an economical part to remodel your bathroom as this will give a new lease of life by transforming it into bath mats you can save the cost of the mat. Before using them directly, first wash them properly and then take a matching thread and stitch it to make a bath mat.

11. Organise Bathroom Cabinets:

Organising your bathroom cabinets is also a part to keep in mind while remodeling a bathroom. Collect all your things and segregate them according to the category like soaps, shampoo, creams, etc. Get some container for storage which suites your bathroom cabinets. Label all the containers according to the segregation of products. By labeling, it will be easy for you to find your product.

12. Check Illumination & Ventilation:

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough day light, provide good illumination with artificial light when you are going to renovate the bathroom. Similarly, check whether the exhaust is working properly or not? It is not, then install the exhaust fan to get rid of the foul odour.

13. Mirror, Paintings, Flower Vase etc:

Placing a large size mirror, paintings and some décor pieces like flower vase will add beauty and excitement while remodeling a bathroom.

14. Washing Machine:

When you are remodeling a bathroom, don’t forget to give space for the washing machine if you have not designed the separate wash area in your house.

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