Steps to Remove Dents from the Wooden Surface

Wooden surfaces are damaged due to the dropping of heavy tools or object on it. It also gets damaged due to movement of furniture. Small and shallow dents in soft woods are usually easy to remove. Large and deep dents in hard wood are hard to repair.

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Follow the below-given steps to remove dents from the wooden surface:

  • Wet the affected area by using warm water. Not too much, only enough to cover the dents.
  • After that cover the dents with a paper towel. Set the paper towel proper, so that it does not fold over.
  • Set the iron to high steam and hold it over the affected area and make small movements back and forth in a circle. Press the paper towel when it dries. It won’t take a long time to evaporate.
  • At this time, the wood fibres that have absorbed the water will expand so as to come back to where they originally were.
  • This process will be continued and repeated by adding more water until the dents rise to get flushed with the rest of the material.
  • However, the area around dent is pretty smooth. Outline of the affected area is seen after this process. Remove this outline by rubbing with sandpaper. After that apply tung oil. Even after all this process, the finish may probably not the same as the original one, but the area will definitely look better than before.

It is the simplest method without spending money to remove the dents from the soft wooden surface. Large and deeper cracks in the wooden surface may require additional work under similar this process.

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