Safety Measures while using Concrete Mixer at Site

A concrete mixer is a device that can be used for homogeneously combine cement, aggregate, sand or gravel and water to form concrete. A concrete mixer uses the revolving drum to mix these components. Portable Concrete mixers are used when smaller volume work can be done at the construction site.

Construction of framed structure is normally done by concrete mixers which may be tilting or non-tilting type. Unguarded machinery used in the manufacturing process can lead to worker injuries. Concrete mixers may be driven by electric motors or by diesel engines depending on the location of the structure being erected.

Followings are the Recommended Safe Practice During use Concrete Mixer:

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  • Make sure all equipment and tools are removed from the cement mixer prior to turning it on.
  • Never leave the running mixer unattended.
  • Never overload mixer. It could damage the mixer.
  • For electrically driven mixers, the wire connecting the mixers should be in good and sound condition, and the circuit-breaker should be well maintained. Earthing of electric motor should be done as per specifications and rules.
  • Exhaust gases of a diesel engine if inhaled for long period may cause diseases. They should be directed away from the operator. Nobody should be allowed to go under the skip. All gears and moving parts should be well guarded.
  • Disconnect the power or shut off the engine from the mixer, before servicing, adjusting, installing accessories or attachments.
  • Accidents normally occur during the cleaning of mixing drum. Care should be taken to display the notice, “Under Repairs” while cleaning the drum.
  • Wire ropes operating the drum and clutches should be inspected regularly.
  • Do not move the cement mixer during operation. The mixer could tip over or the motor could be damaged.
  • Keep working area clean and dry to prevent tripping and slipping.
  • Electrical outlets and tools are properly grounded and use proper lighting for the job at moving or rotating parts.
  • Do not allow children to play on or around the concrete Mixer
  • Turn off the motors and wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing, maintaining or cleaning.

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  1. I really like your tip about putting up a sign that says “Under Repairs” near your mixer if you plan to clean it to avoid any accidents. I would think that construction sites get too hectic and tiring that emp[loyees might not notice any ongoing cleaning process near heavy machinery. This tip will surely help companies avoid unnecessary medical bills that could have been prevented by a simple signage.

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