Safety Tips while House Cleaning

House cleaning is necessary for the hygienic environment and germs free house. Safety is also important while house cleaning. When you clean your house, many safety precautions are important, because some cleaning products are dangerous for our health and family. Sometimes our carelessness may cause an accident while house cleaning.

Keep your home and family safe when you are using cleaning products for house cleaning. So here we give you some safety tips for house cleaning:

01. Protect your Children:

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Children are naturally curious and don’t understand the dangers of cleaning products. So keep your cleaning kit locked, and see that all cleaning products are out of the reach of children and pets. Do not leave children alone with cleaning products; if you are interrupted by the telephone or the doorbell. If you use a bucket of water for cleaning, remember that they can danger for your children. Ensure that buckets are empty and it is stored upside down when you have done your work.

02. Read the Labels:

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When you use any chemical cleaning products, then your first duty is to read the labels on the cleaning products. Read the labels to make sure you are using disinfecting products for their intended purpose.

Carefully read the labels that contain the words “caution”, “warning” & “Use as directed”. These terms are more serious terms to let you know the care that should be exercised.

03. Clearly Label on the Items:

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Keep all cleaning products in their original container, and clearly label the homemade cleaning products accurately.

04. Do not Mix Cleaners:

Some chemicals react adversely when mixed. Never mix bleach with vinegar or ammonia as the mixture releases dangerous toxic gases which are harmful to your health.

05. Do your Research:

Allergies due to some cleaning products have encouraged many people to use an inexpensive common household natural green cleaner such as baking soda, salt, lemon, soap, bleach and vinegar for house cleaning. It is most important to do your own research before making a new cleaning mixture.

06. Beware of Fumes:

Open windows and doors in the room when you are cleaning (if possible) to provide ventilation. You can avoid open flames, as they may cause chemicals to ignite.

07. Protect your Skin:

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It is important to wear rubber gloves and protecting cloth if you are using strong household cleaners. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothes when using bleach or ammonia or any other cleaning products.

08. Proper Ventilation:

Always use chemical cleaners in a well-ventilated area. Open the door or windows or turn on a fan to circulate the air and remove as much odour as possible.

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09. Use Cautions in High Places:

If you are cleaning hard to reach places then always use ladder or step stools for the stand. You cannot use chair or table for standing because it is dangerous, and could cause an accident.

10. Commercial Products can be Safe to Use:

When you use oxygen-based and sulphite based products correctly, it can be safer to use and friendlier to the environment than chlorine bleach and ammonia. You can easily find out the name “oxide”, or “sulphite” on the labels of products.

11. Use Mild Product:

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Most hard surface cleaning can be done with mild products or the natural green cleaner, such as vinegar, baking soda, or the correct commercial product. Save ammonia and bleach for tough jobs where they are needed.

12. Special Care of Food Preparation Areas:

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You will need to special take care and safety when you are cleaning food preparation area with cleaning products. It is important to use non-toxic cleaning products on your food preparation area or surface.

13. Never Leave Cleaning Containers Open:

Always close cleaning products securely to prevent fumes from escaping or spills from occurring.

14. Never Use Gasoline for Cleaning:

Gasoline is highly flammable and can be easily ignited. For this reason, gasoline is never stored inside the home.

15. Safety while Operate Electrical Cleaning Tools:

Do not operate electrical cleaning tools near an open bucket of water or any other area of water, such as laundry tub.

16. If you Use more than One Type of Cleaner in Room:

If you use more than one type of cleaner in a room, wait until the first cleaner has fully done its job. Remove all residue of the cleaner and allow the area to dry before beginning to clean with another cleaner completely.

17. Clean up After Cleaning:

Always wash and clean your hand after using any cleaning products.

18. Store your Cleaning Products Safely:

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Keep all cleaning products in their original containers, so you know what they are and when they expire. Always use clean & new containers for storing homemade products. Your household cleaning kit should be away from the food storage areas. Place them in a cool and dry place.

19. Properly Dispose of your Home Cleaning Products:

It is important when you finish your work with cleaning products; make sure you dispose of it properly. In many cleaning products, the label itself explains specific rules for disposal. Empty bottles and containers are put into a closed garbage bag, instead of an open waste basket in your home.

Hence, Work very carefully when using any cleaning product for house cleaning. Cleaning is necessary, but safety is your first priority.

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