Smart Homes: 7 Latest Gadgets Which Makes Your Home Smarter!

Smart Home is one which provides security, comfort, energy efficiency (with low Operation & Maintenance (O&M) costs) and convenience to the users. It is usually defined as a house with the appliances which are controlled remotely from any room in house as well as from any location in the world over phone or internet.

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Here we gives you the perfect example of House of well-known Bill Gate’s home – named “Xanadu 2.0” (It is a large mansion which overlooks the Lake Washington in Medina which is 66,000sq.ft  and noted for its technology  and design which  it incorporates) in Medina, Washington is the Probably the earliest Smart Home. The technology inside the house  such as underwater music system in pool, digitalized walls changing art works and many more techniques  makes you feel amazed!

Here are the 7 latest gadgets which you must be aware of to make your Home Smarter!

01. Bluetooth Padlock – Keyless

From security point of view, we usually use locks and key, but if you are switching for a smart home the very first thing you need is the smart lock. Smart locks usually uses it  keyless technology to keep your house safe even when you are not around. These keyless padlocks works with any of the Android, iOS or Windows devices which runs by using Bluetooth. It has powerful IoT (Internet of Things) dimensions which now a day’s are available in many brands such as Noke, August, etc…

By using your smart phones you can let your guest in or out, when you have locked and left the house and you can also keep the records of who has entered or exited from your house.

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02. Smart Security Cameras

When it comes to home security, lot of things are there than just alarms and locks. The wireless camera can be used anywhere in your house from security point of view. It usually send you the alerts when someone enters the rooms or doors are opened and also offers the two way audio which can also be linked to other home automation products.

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03. Smart Wallpapers

Now smart wallpapers are available which can harvest the ambient light also in dim conditions by using the technique called nanotexturing (this technique was created by the researchers from University of Surrey  in UK. It is an ultra thin graphene sheets which can be used in smart wallpaper to harness light and heat effectively. It can also generate electricity from waste light or heat and power a host of applications for  a house.

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04. Sleeper Monitoring – Mattress

Mattress are adjustable which tracks the breathing patterns, heart rate, etc and also suggest the changes for better sleep. In the morning the mobile app will show you the details and suggestions regarding your sleep.

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05. Shower Head – Wireless Speakers

The high- tech showerheads are available in the market in which the wireless speakers (attached with magnet so that easy to install and are chargeable), which are connected from your smart phones over bluetooth while taking shower which allows the music, news, etc wirelessly.

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06. Smart: Odour Control

A smart device that lets you keep your home remotely fresh and odour free. This device is connected with wifi scent dispenser and let your home smells like a candle or any other fresh smell with which you are comfortable. The use of continuous odour monitoring in a smart home represents a sensor with the potential to recognize the various activities of daily living and identifying the unsafe conditions for the occupant.

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07. Smart Homes: Universal Remote

Instead of having three to four remotes which are usually lose or lying between the couch/cushions, here it’s a single device called the Universal Remote which determines the most smooth approach in controlling your many devices. Depending on the devices you own, you may be able to control them from one central app. For e.g. you can connect to all obvious stuffs like Speakers, T.Vs, Washing machine, lights, fans, etc.


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