Can I Store Cement Bags During Monsoon?

Yes, you can store cement bags during monsoon, however extra safety is required during the monsoon.

The cement is a highly hygroscopic material so that it catches moisture very quickly. The properties of cement i.e. binding property and strength etc. mainly depend on the chemical reaction. Chemical reaction take place in the presence of moisture.

During monsoon there are chances of moisture penetration in the stacked cement bags and the chemical reaction may  therefore take place. Once chemical reaction takes place between cement and moisture, cement loses its strength and freshness and cement becomes useless.

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Following important points must be considered for storing cement bags during monsoon:

  • The stack shall be completely enclosed by a waterproofing membrane such as polyethylene, which is closed on the top of the stack. Care shall be taken to see that the waterproofing membrane is not damaged any time during use. Tie the polyethylene sheet tightly by pegs so that it should not blow off in high wind.
  • You need to first check the leakages from the roof of warehouse or godown before storing cement bags inside. If any leakages are found from the roof, first rectify it because it may damage the stock of the cement bags.
  • Sometimes cement requirement of a day or two may have to be stored at site in the open area. In such cases, cement bags should be laid on a dry leak proof platform made of wooden planks resting over brick-masonry concrete, dry sand (fine aggregates) raised about 15 cm above the ground level.
  • The place where cement bags are stored should not get flooded due to rain. Give proper approach and slope for rain water so that it easily drains out. Temporary storage in open space should not be adopted at all during monsoon.
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