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While planning a new kitchen, the first and very important step is to plan the layout which makes the best use of the space. Kitchen is mostly used for:

  • Preparation of Meals
  • Preservation of Food
  • Storage to Food & Utensils
  • Washing of Utensils, Vegetables, etc.
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Therefore for ‘designing a Kitchen’ the following basic considerations should be taken into account:

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Regardless of the layout there are few other things that should also be kept in to consideration, such as:

  • Thumb rule of Work Triangle for placement of sink, Fridge and Cooking area with maximum distance of 7 meters. This makes cooking easier owing to travel shorter distances while cooking.
  • Try to keep dishwasher near sink area and dustbin within easy reach of food preparation area, hob zone (Gas Stove) and Dishwasher.
  • Utensil drawers, pans and pots should be stored next to the Hob (Gas stove) and oven.
  • Ensure that elbow height of the cook or the housewife is a few millimeters above kitchen worktops.

Here are the planning consideration for all the Work Surfaces you should keep in mind:

01. Continuous work surfaces permit straightforward movement and cleansing, hence are more economical and efficient.

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02. The width of the Counter should not be too wide as it is inconvenient to reach the back and it should not be too narrow as it is inadequate for many activities like for a Sink or Stove.

03. The Height of the working counter should permit a comfortable working posture from the floor which is considered as a comfortable working height.

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04. A person should be able to sit while performing some kitchen tasks, like cutting vegetables etc. For this, there can be a provision for a table and chair.

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05. The kitchen sink bowl should not be located in the corner where 2 counters meet as it is not easily accessible. The drain board next to the sink should be on the right side, for convenience.

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