Tips for Choosing the Right Chandelier for your Home!

Chandelier is more than just a way to illuminate a room. It is a decorative object that adds style to your home & becomes a part of home decor. The chandelier act as a jewellery of a room, accenting the architecture, furnishings, & its decor! It not only illuminates the house but make it look more graceful.

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One of the greatest ways to inject style and personality into a room is by hanging chandelier. The chandelier was earlier used for formal dining rooms, grand entrances & can be mostly found in modern buildings. In recent times, the designers are using them in other parts of the houses, such as kitchens, bedrooms & even bathrooms!

With so many fixture choices & possible applications available within the home like in Entryways, living, dining rooms, bedrooms & bathrooms, etc, choosing a chandelier can be an overwhelming challenge. The most common error people make when they purchase chandeliers is not choosing the appropriate sized light fixtures! I have seen the light fixtures that are either too large & overpower the space, or too small, which do not provide the adequate lighting, & also appear misplaced. For e.g. a large or ornate chandelier will overwhelm a small living space, & a small, simple one will not look right in a formal dining room. So, consider the following few points while buying a hanging chandelier for your house:

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Before choosing & buying a chandelier, you need to find out few things in your house:

01. You must know the size of your room since the chandeliers should be proportionate to the rooms. Sometimes if the room is very large, additional light fixtures may be required!

02. You must know the height of the ceiling since the higher ceilings require larger light fixtures.

03. If the light fixture is for the dining table or above an island, the shape and size of the tables & islands are the important factors to keep in mind.

04. If you hold on to a few design rules & installation tips, you will be on your way to dress your room right with the best decorative hanging chandelier.

Determine the Correct Chandelier Size:

The chandelier doesn’t have to be large to cast the right amount of light. As a rule, purchase a chandelier that is an inch long for every foot of room length. For e.g. 12 feet long room will lit by 12-inch chandelier. There is a simple formula to help you to choose the right hanging chandelier for your rooms. Simply add the dimensions of the rooms & that would be the diameter of your light fixture. Therefore, if your room is 14 x 20, then the chandelier’s diameter should be 34 inches (i.e.,.14+20=34).

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Heights for Chandelier:

Avoid mounting the chandelier too high. For the dining room chandeliers suspended above a dining table, there should be around 30 to 34 inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the tabletop for a dining room with 8 feet ceiling. Because much of the light that reaches the table reflects off the ceiling, make adjustments for higher ceilings. Put the chandelier 3 inches higher for each foot higher than 8 feet. The foyer chandelier should hang about 7 feet off the floor, measuring from the bottom of the chandelier. If you are putting a chandelier in a bathroom, thumb rule is to keep it 6 feet away from the shower or tub. Moisture is the enemy of electrical wiring, so purchase a model that is rated for “wet” or “shower location” use!

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Where to Hang Chandelier?

The location will affect the style of home lighting you choose. Mostly people think of dining room chandeliers or entryway chandeliers, while there are many other places you can hang chandelier. In an open lobby or larger foyer setting, an entryway chandelier can provide an important transition from outdoor to interior spaces and set the mood for your entire home.

Hang one with a dimmer switch over your bed in a master bedroom & turn it down to candlelight level for a romantic feel. Install a mini chandelier over a clawfoot tub in your bathroom for a glamour touch. You can also consider installing the mini chandeliers over a large kitchen island instead of standard pendant lights for an attractive look.

Chandelier Style:

The chandelier should complement the theme of the room. Whether you go with the vintage inspired, modern luxe, industrial or rustic etc, think about the style of your space & what message you are trying to send with your chandelier choice!

If your room if full of architectural interest & charm then something elegant, classic & traditional will compliment perfectly.

For e.g. the chandelier in a little girl’s room could have a colourful crystals hanging from it.

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For a shabby chic room, try a hanging chandelier with a distressed black or white finish & antique glass sconce shades.

For rustic dining room chandeliers might be made of twigs or faux antlers. The modern dining room chandeliers could be used made out of black drums shades combined with cluster of crystals or dangling glass.

Faux Antlers – Rustic Dining Room Chandelier
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There are chandeliers variety available to suit any style & decor. The light fixtures that have their lights directed up are the more traditional. For more informal feeling, choose the  chandelier on which the lights are directed downwards. An additional benefit of this more casual design is that your decorative chandelier can also serve as task lighting – aiding cooking or homework duties. In general, the metal finishes are more formal than the painted ones.

With so many options available, you are bound to find a light fixture that suits both your practical needs & decor. We hope that these tips will help you to choose the perfect chandelier for your home!

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