10 Tips To Design Outdoor Patio For Your Home

The outdoor patio is a complement to your design with the additional dining and seating areas and providing entertainment! By creating comfortable and beautiful patio designs, you can create an outdoor living area for having fun with lasting ways to customise your home. Keeping few considerations in mind, planning a patio in your home is easier than you may think!

Plan your patio designs with good amenities following the tips discussed below:

01. Rules for the Permission of Patio for your Home:

You must know the rules & regulations regarding adding outdoor patio to your home. Different countries and different states, different local authorities have their own rules.

  • Visit official website of your city for permits needed to build a patio on your property.
  • If you belong to homeowners’ association, you may also have to lobby for permission to build a patio from the association.
  • If you are in a rented home, you also have to take permission from your landlord.
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02. Use of your Outdoor Patio:

Imagine various ways in which you can use the outdoor patio. By doing that you will get an idea of designing that outdoor space. It may be a space for parties, or you only want a private place to sit and observe nature or life. Most patio designs for a mix of personal and social uses, so you ought to design versatile patio with all creativity and innovation.

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03. Location for Patio:

Choose the proper location for patio, which beautifully connects your indoor space with outdoors. If you are planning to do any entertaining activity, it should be close to your kitchen. Patio close to your kitchen is advisable for easy access to the house for refreshment. If you are thinking your outdoor patio for lot of dining, quick kitchen access is always important.

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04. Size:

Measuring the space and size is the main thing to understand what you have and what you can do with that space. How many people it will accommodate is all important for patio designs. You can do a drawing with the dimensions of the space or simply mark the outline of the area with chalk. There are no set rules for patio. The space design for outdoor fireplace, it requires a fire pit surrounded by 4 to 5 chairs is good for patio. A simple way to get a general view of the space is to place the patio furniture like chairs & table around the lawn where you would like them in your patio.

05. Material:

For constructing various floor patterns in patio designs, you can use wood, concrete, tiles, bricks, flagstones or pavers. These materials come in many colours, and you can customize them to fit into your needs. Visit your local stores for collecting information regarding different styles and of course price.

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06. How Much do you Want to Spend?

Beware of your budget. Some materials cost more than others, while some are cheaper but take more time to install. For example, concrete is a least expensive option but can be very labour intensive. When you compare it with wood or stone, it will probably be the most expensive option especially when you choose natural stone & wood!

07. Plants & Landscaping:

By adding greenery to your outdoor patio, you can make space aesthetically pleasing, and it will also offer shade and privacy. Think whether you want plant needing much care or prefer plants those need no care. Be honest about your ability to manage plants, and then decide which plants and how many plants you should buy and plant! Opt for low maintenance plants!

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08. Waterproofing:

There are several products available in the market specifically made for waterproofing your space. So waterproof your outdoor patio. The products you use will totally depend on the material you use. For e.g. A concrete patio is easy to waterproof but a stone patio may need to be sealed and then waterproofed. It also may require more time and experience.

09. Your Patio will be Shady or Sunny one:

Pay attention to whether your outdoor patio will be in a sunny part of your yard or a shady one. How the sun hits your space will decide whether you may want an umbrella, a gazebo or an awning. Plants & trees also can be an excellent source of shade. You can do more plantation to block the sun.

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10. Think about the Patio Furniture with Respect to Usage:

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If you are thinking your patio designs for lavish garden parties and elegant patio affairs, you will need spacious seating, as well as a table surface.  And if you visualise your patio as a private outdoor area for you and your family then your patio furniture should include few chairs, ottomans and side table will be good enough!

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