Different Types of Doors

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The doors are a very important element of the house. After the roof, it serves the most important purpose of providing safety and security of the house. The house’s basic purpose is to provide shelter and hence safety.

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The doors play a very important role while designing an interior. It adds to the aesthetic view of the house and provides lighting and ventilation to various rooms in the house. It also acts as noise barrier when there are chances of too much noise outside of the house. The doors are used to manage the physical atmosphere inside a room, so that heating or cooling of interiors may become more effective.

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Various Types of Doors
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There are different types of doors available in the market i.e. Flush Door, Panel Door, Glass Door, PVC Door, etc. Generally, the doors are classified in following ways, based on their

(A) Location

(B) Materials

(C) Operation of Door Shutter

(D) Method of Construction

(E) Arrangement of Door Components

(A) Types of Doors Based on Location:

When you design your house, it is important to know where the door can be placed. Based on location of doors, doors are classified in following ways:

01. Interior Door:

Interior door do more than just separate rooms and provide privacy. It comes in the variety of styles and made of variety materials.

Interior Door
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02. Exterior Door:

Exterior door allows entrance to or exit from a house. They are generally made of steel or wood.

Exterior Door
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(B) Types of Doors Based on Materials:

Knowing the types of doors material available can help you make a better decision for the doors for your house. The doors are made of different materials like wood, steel, aluminum, glass, PVC, etc. Based on material used for construction of doors, they are classified in following ways:

01. Wooden or  Timber Door:

Wooden or Timber door is primarily used for interior door applications. These doors provide soundproofing, insulation or security.  They are easy to install and clean.

Timber or Wooden Door
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02. Glass Door:

Glass door add richness, beauty and light to any doorway in your home. Cut glass panel fit into the wooden frames are beautiful option for front doors. The disadvantage of this door is that they are easily broken.

Glass Door
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03. Steel Door:

Steel door is used in interior as well as exterior application. These doors have a steel face with a foam core for insulation. They are very strong as compared to other doors.

Steel Door
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04. PVC Door:

PVC door is light in weight and easy to use.  They come in variety of designs and colours and look beautiful.  These doors do not corrode and do not need much maintenance. But it is not scratch proof.

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05. Fiberglass Door:

Fiberglass door is most commonly used for exterior application. This door has many design options and can be easily molded into most of shapes and style. These doors are durable and hard.

Fiberglass Door
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06. Aluminum Glazed Door:

Aluminum door with glass panel is most commonly used in commercial applications. They are strong, durable and used as security door.

Aluminium Door
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(C) Types of Doors Based on Operation of Door Shutter:

Based on operation of door shutter, the doors are classified in following ways:

01. Rolling Shutter Door:

Rolling Shutter Door is mostly used in garages and shops. These are very strong and offer proper safety.

Rolling Shutter Door
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02. Folding Door:

Folding door is used singly or as folding partitions so that two rooms may be used together as a single room or separately.

Folding Door
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03. Sliding Door:

Sliding door is mostly used in offices. These doors have one or more sliding shutter based on opening available.

Sliding Door
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04. Swinging Door:

Swinging door is mostly used in offices. These doors have its shutter attached to the frame by means of double action springs. Hence shutter can move both inward and outward.

Swinging Door
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05. Revolving Door:

Revolving door is mostly used in heavy traffic areas i.e. public buildings, hospitals, etc.  These doors revolve about one side of the shutter and get closed automatically.

Revolving Door
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06. Collapsible Door:

Collapsible door is used for the main entrance of the residential buildings, shops, godowns, etc. These doors can be opened or closed by slight pull or push.

Collapsible Door
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(D) Types of Doors Based on Method of Construction:

Before you choose any type of doors for your house, you should know the method of construction. Based on methods of construction, doors are classified in following ways:

01. Panel Door:

Panel door is most commonly used inside house. This door may be constructed with 2, 4 or 6 panels. Panel can be made of plywood, blockboard, veneer, glass, wood, etc.

Panel Door
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02. Flush Door:

Nowadays, the flush door is most commonly used in house. This door has a joint less surface on both the sides.

Flush Door
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03. Louvered Door:

Louvered door is used when privacy with natural ventilation and quietness for rest is desired. The Louvers are made of glass, timber or plywood.

Louvered Door
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04. Wire Gauzed Door:

Wire Gauzed door is widely used in house for preventing the insects and mosquitoes from entering into the house. This door is provided in kitchens, canteens, cupboards used for food storage, refreshment rooms, hotels, sweet shops etc.

Wire Gauzed Door
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(E) Types of Doors Based on Arrangement of Door Components:

Based on arrangements of door components, the doors are classified in following ways:

Types of Doors Based on Arrangement of Door Components
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01. Battened and Ledged Door

02. Battened, Ledged and Braced Door

03. Battened, Ledged and Framed Door

04. Battened, Ledged, Framed and Braced Door

Nowadays, these types of doors are not used because the wood is not easily available and is highly costly.

Nowadays, Flush Door, Panel Door, and PVC Door are most commonly used in house. The doors therefore play a pivotal role in anchoring safety of the house and also protect your health. And of course, its pleasing appearance will always keep you in good moods.

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