uPVC vs Aluminium Windows: Make a Right Choice

Windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in the home and help you to connect with your exterior, as well as for safety and security. Installing new windows in your home is one of the biggest home improvement decisions you will make. There are various types of windows available in the market like wooden windows, aluminium windows, uPVC windows, glass windows, etc. Nowadays, uPVC and aluminium windows are more popular due to its durability, aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

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Aluminium and uPVC windows both are suited to very particular needs and purposes. When we compare uPVC and aluminium windows, its properties, cost, and aesthetics plays a major role during the selection of window. So here we give you the comparison of uPVC vs aluminium windows which will help you to make the right choice.

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uPVC Windows

Aluminium Windows

01. Compositions

01. uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) windows are made from sections of the profile, which are cut and joined together to form window frame and hence the shape of the window. 01. The frame of windows is made of aluminium. Aluminium window frames are available in anodised and powder coated finishes.

02. Uses

01. It is most suitable for the residential application.  Less suitable for commercial application which needs more structural strength. 01. Aluminum windows are most suitable for the residential application. It is used in hotels, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, showrooms due to its better strength, etc.

03. Aesthetics

01. The uPVC window has a simple plain white plastic look compared to aluminium window. 01. Aluminium can easily be bent into any shape and can be sprayed any colour you like, so you can get exactly the look you intend.

04. Style

01. uPVC windows come in many styles, like tilt an turn frames, casement, french window, sash window, etc. 01. Aluminium windows have different style like sliding frames, casement, double and single hung window, tilt and turn, bi-fold window, etc.

05. Advantages

01. uPVC is durable material for windows. uPVC windows are resilient and tough.

02. It comes in varieties of colours.

03. uPVC window frames are weatherproof, since the damp cannot enter through the surface of uPVC window frames and hence can’t get damaged. They are reinforced with galvanized steel which makes them extremely hard to break down.

04. These windows provide the most optimal heat and energy insulation. It does not only keep you warm during winter but also soundproof and reduce the noise pollution.

05. It is cheaper material as compared to aluminium.

01. Aluminium windows are structurally the strongest types of window and are stronger than uPVC.

02. They are perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary designed homes as they are more attractive and can add an impressive appearance.

03. Aluminium windows do not attract termites.

04. The aluminium can be easily recycled. Aluminium windows help to reduce your impact on the environment and improve overall sustainability.

06. Disadvantages

01. Few years ago, the uPVC window comes in white plastic looks, which sometimes considered plain compared to aluminium window.

02. Sometimes uPVC windows get dicoloured due to ultraviolet action of sun. Some turn yellow, white or even pink. It will break, also get brittle.

03. uPVC is a light-weight material and many people consider this to be a disadvantage as they want a heavier window in their home.

04. uPVC window has low resistance to scratches.

05. In case of fire, uPVC window itself gets burnt and hence gets out of the shape easily.

01. Aluminium windows are more costly as compared to uPVC windows.

02. It requires periodic maintenance over long period of usage.

03. After some year, it may get corroded.

04. Aluminium windows have good thermal resistance. Therefore, it may not work well in cold climates as heat will be lost through the aluminium window frame.

05. The powder coating on aluminium window may discolour quickly, it does not have high UV resistance. 

07. Properties

(a) Durability

  • uPVC windows are less durable as compared to aluminium window, i.e. less life, less fire resistant.
  • Aluminium windows are more durable as compared to uPVC windows as they are less likely to warp, rot, swell, or crack over time.

(b) Insulation from Heat

  • uPVC windows provide superior insulation to your home from outside heat as uPVC is a poor conductor of heat.
  • Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and therefore cannot provide insulation from heat when there is a cold climate outside.

(c) Sound Insulation

  • uPVC windows are welded, and lock at multiple points, double sealed and hence gives good sound insulation.
  • Aluminium windows are poorly sealed and installed hence gives poor sound insulation.

(d) Corrosion Resistance

  • uPVC windows do not rust or corrode due to inherent material characteristics.
  • Aluminium windows are prone to corrosion or deterioration.

(e) Fire Resistance

  • uPVC window will burn itself and attract all the fire towards it, hence will not allow fire to spread. Hence easily susceptible to fire.
  • Aluminium windows are less resistant to fire as it has a very high melting temperature.

08. Maintenance

01. It does not need any painting, only needs a routine cleaning. 01. It required painting over a long period of use.

09. Cost

01. The cost of uPVC windows are less as compared to aluminium windows. 01. It is more costly as compared to uPVC windows.

10. Life

01. Experts estimate that the life of uPVC window is around 15 to 20 year. 01. The life of aluminium window is around 30 years or more.

Special Comments

From the above comparison on uPVC vs aluminium windows, we can conclude that both windows are different in their aesthetic, properties, cost, etc. Nowadays, uPVC windows are more popular due to its lightweight. However, aluminium windows are more durable. Hence check according to your requirement and ofcourse budget. You need to make a judicial and rational choice.
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