Tips for Using Rugs to Decorate Your Room!

A good carpet in room can give you the feeling of comfort & luxury. The rug is one of the most valuable decorative items in the room. Regardless of your budget & space, The carpets can help you to create a stylish interior ofcourse with special tricks!

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Here we Share Some of the Tips (About Rugs) to Decorate your House!

  • The rug is primarily used in cold climatic regions where it is too cold & people can’t walk in their room barefoot! Secondarily it is used to protect the floor covering & foyers. This is especially useful in studio apartments or larger rooms that needs definition
  • Finding the rug of your choice is not the easy task. It is always recommended to finalise the rug first & than the room is decorated around it, as it is always simpler to find the other accessories to match the rug!
  • While selecting the size of the rug, it is important to be practical since the larger rug can be more expensive, and also rug should never felt small for a room! One has to ensure that the edges of dining rooms all chairs after pulled out still be on the rug. Bedrooms & other areas can have throw rugs of smaller sizes depending on the décor. One can also use two medium or small sized rugs to create two separate living in large room.
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  • When using more than one rug in a house, it’s better to buy the rugs that complement each other in style to avoid a clashing look!
  • Colours of the rug should match your mood & décor and ofcourse colour of walls of the room. A bold coloured rug can be used if it is the centerpiece of the room, whereas the pastel colours are ideal for the rug to blend in with the surroundings. Dark & bright coloured rugs are better for large rooms & the light pastel coloured rugs are better for smaller room, as they tend to make the room look bigger!
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  • You can choose the patterns based on style like traditional, transitional, floral or modern & other furnishing items in your room! For e.g. patterned or decorative rugs go well with solid upholstery, but if the furnishings are upholstered with heavy patterns, then the rug with fine or delicate patterns or solid plain colours would be the better choice!
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  • Wool is natural fibre & is the best choice for rug connoisseurs. Wool is warm in winter & cool in summer, it is easy to clean & maintain, &it feels very soft on barefoot. Wool can absorb the noise much better than the other fibres & can also retain its original colour & look fresher for many years!
  • The most reputed dealers allow the customers to try out rugs at home before final purchase. Make use of this service as you should be sure that you are buying the right rugs for your home.
  • Carpets often anchors your room, so they should be chosen wisely. Choose the right pattern, size and colour to suit your décor. You should also keep the aesthetics to coordinate with the furniture & drapes, for e.g. a beautiful modern rug may look terrible if it is kept in a traditionally decorated room!

Are They Hazardous to Health?

Rugs & carpets can turn into health hazard if they are not maintained well! As fibres & rug pile trap the mites. One can avoid buying rugs with long shag pile (carpet with a long, rough pile.). However, normal rugs are safe as long as they are vacuumed regularly and kept clean.”

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However, rugs or carpets are not advisable to use in warm-humid climate & hot climate for countries like India. Rugs are usually preferred for the colder regions where dry and wet space are well defined and maintained and also works as insulation.

As we know dust is a very common problem in India, and because of dampness it gets stick on the rug and if it does not maintain it stings!

Here are Ways you can Keep Your Carpets/Rugs Clean & Make them Last Longer:

01. Purchase the rug pad to reduce movement on the floor & by doing so you can also prevent rug wear.

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02. Rugs should be vacuumed regularly to reduce dirt buildup!

03. Blot spills should be immediately be cleaned with dry cotton cloth.

04. You can occasionally rotate your rug to reduce the effects of traffic &sunlight.

05. The best way to maintain them is to keep them away from the moisture & keep it in a dry place.

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