Decorate your House with Various Types of Curtains and Drapes

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Every homemaker would want to dress up their window with gorgeous looking curtains, blinds, shades and drapes. These window treatments add style and colour to any window while maintaining privacy and preventing direct sunlight from entering the room. Curtains and drapes are the most popular type of window treatment. In Asian Countries, people most commonly call them curtains whereas, in western countries, curtains are popular as drapes. There is some slight difference between curtains and drapes.


Curtains are also known as curtain panels. It can be floor-length or short that can cover the window. It is made of lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, etc.

On the other hand, drapes are the length of the top of the window to the floor. Drapes are pleated and made from heavy or thick fabric like velvet, silk etc. Hence blocks light entering the room. It is also known as draperies and drapery panels.

Therefore, choose the curtains and drapes that suit the décor of your house!

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Various Types of Curtains and Drapes

01. Grommet Curtains(Eyelet):

Grommet curtains are the most popular type of curtains. This design is simple and casual. Grommet curtains are ideal for light to medium weight fabrics and include silver rings at the header. They are easy to open and close.

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02. Sheer Curtains:

Sheer curtains are translucent, offer little privacy and filter light. They tend to block the view from the outside without obstructing it from inside. If you require a curtain that blocks light, these will not work for you.

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03. Rod Pocket Curtains:

Rod Pocket Curtains are also known as a casement curtain. The pocket is sewn across the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted.  Rod pocket curtains are made of lightweight fabrics and are typically unlined for a more casual feel.

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04. Tab Top Curtains:

Curtains with loops at the top edge are called tab top curtains. They are normally stable, since drawing them across the rod can be a bit of a burden. Therefore, they are best used on windows that aren’t opened on a regular basis.

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05. Pleated Drapes:

Pleated drapes are a classic style of drapes. These drapes give a formal and pleated look. The pleats are formed with the help of header tape which is sewn from the panel’s back and forms pleats when pulled together.The hanging hooks are then inserted into the tape, and the panels hung on rings which use a cord-and-pulley system for opening and closing the drapes.

Types of Pleated Drapes:

(a) Pinch Pleat Drapes:

Pinch Pleat Drapes is the most common style. It is a series of equally spaced single, double, or triple pleats that are pinched in the center, forming fans above and below the pinch.

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(b) Goblet Pleat Drapes: 

Goblet Pleat Drapes is like a triple-pinch pleat. The pleat at the top look like a glass. To keep the goblet pleat looking full and rounded, they should be shaped with interlining.

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(c) Pencil Pleat Drapes: 

Pencil Pleat Drapes are thin single pleats formed in neat, tightly folds. It is widely used in bedrooms.

(d) Cartridge Pleat Drapes:

Cartridge Pleat Drapes have single pleats that are spaced more widely than regular pinch pleats. They are rounded at the top.

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(e) Tuxedo Pleat Drapes:

Tuxedo Pleat Drapes are larger pleats normally hung on a decorative rod to create a contemporary and formal flair.

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(f) Box Pleat Drapes:

Box Pleat Drapes gives a very stylish look and drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtains.

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06. Pelmets and Valances:

Pelmets are decorative framework used to hide curtain fixtures at the top of window casing.They are usually made out of wood, Flat and box like in shape, they can be shaped to add decorative details.

Valances are softer in appearance with gathered or pleated heading.

Pelmets and valances are used in bedrooms, drawing room, restaurants, etc.

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07. Window Scarf:

Window Scarf is long, continuous piece of fabric that are draped over a rod/pole or used in conjunction with a drapery. It creates a soft framing around your entire window. However, it will not block much sun. If it is a window that needs more insulation, consider paring with drapes.

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08. Cafe Curtains:

Cafe curtain can be hung halfway up the window, nearly at the top, or closer to the bottom of the window. The height of the curtain is made to match a dividing line already in the window.The advantage to hanging a cafe curtain in your home is that it adds privacy and light control to a room without blocking out all the light at the upper part of the window.Cafe curtains work well in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Cafe Curtains
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Furnishing your house window with beautiful curtains and drapes with different materials, colours, patterns such as floral, striped and many other styles which brings elegance to your home. These two different types of window treatments may be used together or separately in a home to effectively cover windows as well as improve the overall appearance of a home’s  interior.Therefore, choose the most suitable curtains or drapes for your specific needs.

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