Want an Antique Look of Your Side Table?…Follow 9 Steps!

Any table that sits to the side of piece of furniture can be considered as a side table. You will often find it in a living room, by a sofa or chair. But depending on its height, you can also use it as a nightstand or as a coffee table in a small room. The Side tables can also be called as end tables. They are a great place to add colour & texture.

To enhance the look of your interior, the furniture plays an important role. The side table of which you are tired of watching the same look every day can be remodelled for a new glance of your interior! It is very common that people get bored of using the old & dull furniture even though it is precious. One always want the newness with the trend!

We have tried here to add a bit bling to a side table with an antique gold finish!

For achieving the antique look of your end tables, here is a quick solution which will normally take 2 days to execute!.

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You will need the following things to remodel your end tables of your house:

Old Wooden Side Table Golden Powder Furniture Polish
Soft cloth 600 – Water Sandpaper Fine Paintbrush

Step – 1

Take some of the golden powder on to a soft cloth or a fine brush.

Step – 2

Now mix it with some clear furniture polish to create a thick solution.

Step – 3

Take a side table and apply this solution evenly with soft cloth to give an Antique look!

Step – 4

Now use the fine brush to reach the areas which are hard to reach through the cloth.

Step – 5

Let the golden polish get dry for about 1 hour (it is recommended).

Step – 6

Now dipped the water sandpaper in water and gently rub off the gold coating. Continue to dip in water paper in water while applying further.

Step – 7

By doing this the gold will settle only in the grains of wood and the metallic polish will be removed, which will give the desired look!

Step – 8

Now just dry off the side table and then apply a coat of clear furniture polish to the entire surface.

Step – 9:

Leave to dry for a few hours.

Following these steps, you can get an antique & fresh new look of your side table, which is very easy & simple & you can reuse to enhance for your interiors!

Courtesy: Amrita Shah & Shiresh R Karrale

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