Follow 11 Steps to Get the Silvery Look of Your Table

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Any furniture-top you use for the display and show, such as center or side table of your house & which you want to be looked like silvery or golden finish it is simple and you can do it by yourself!

You’ll need the following things:

Wooden table Primer or a grey latex base coat (used as base for Duco paint)

Metallic leaf – sizing liquid (or spray) to fix the leaves

Metallic leaves or Silver foil Fine cotton fabric Soft goat hair flat brush
Clear polyurethane or varnish for coating Sandpaper of 220 number
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Here are tips which you can follow to give the silver finish to your furniture-top:  
Step – 1:

First you should make sure that the furniture surface or top you are leafing or silvering is smooth enough otherwise rub it with sandpaper of 220 number (if required).

Step – 2:

Now apply a coat of transparent primer and ensure a smoother finish. Let it dry and then add a coat of metallic leaf – sizing liquid (clear liquid used for silver /gold leaf or foil).

Step – 3:

The silver leaves are delicate so work in a protected area. The sizing should be soft & sticky (gooey) and not wet when you start applying the leaves!

Step – 4:

Now, how to apply the delicate silver leaf?…don’t worry it’s a simple technique. Remove the single sheet of leaf. Transfer the paper as shown in figure and gently apply with your fingers or flat brush edge to edge!

Step – 5:

Simply peel the back paper carefully to leave the leaf adhered to the surface.

Step – 6:

Now repeat the above two steps till the entire surface is covered.

Note: You can also overlap the sheets for even coverage.

Step – 7:

Touch up the areas where the leaves are torn.

Step – 8:

Gently loose the flakes with a soft brush or a soft cloth as shown in figure.

Step – 9:

Once the surface is covered with silver leaf, now it’s time to add a protective coat.

Step – 10:

Now apply the two layers of clear polyurethane (PU) with a flat brush as shown in figure.

Step – 11:

Allow adequate time to dry for each coat – few hours are enough!

Courtesy: Amrita Shah & Shiresh R Karrale

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