What are Warm & Cool Colours?

The colour wheel is divided into Warm & Cool colours. Blues, greens are categorize as cool colours and Reds, Yellows, oranges are categorize as warm colours.

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Cool & Warm Colours
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Cool Colours:

Cool colour is used to describe any colour that is calm or soothing in nature. Basically it is the side of colour wheel where we see Blue, green, and violet colours. As for example when we think of a cool lake or waterbody, we generally see cool colours.

Cool Colours
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Cool colours are perfect for areas where we like to relax such as ocean-blue bedroom. They have a tendency to “recede” (backing away from you) or “expand” a room by making space larger with comfort.

Cool-Colours- room-interior
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Therefore, even in interior cool tones are often used to paint the walls of a small room to look larger. For e.g. if we have a small bedroom and want to have a larger look, then paint a wall with light blue colour to make it more spacious.

Warm Colours:

The side of the colour wheel that comprised of reds, yellows, oranges along with various other combinations of these colours, is typically referred to as the warm colors.

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Warm colours give a feeling of closeness and provide very cosy environments. These colours can make large rooms appear closer.

Warm colours often remind sunlight, sand, fire, and heat. Therefore, they usually attract attention and are generally perceived as an energetic or exciting.

The reds, oranges, yellows and all the off whites that tend to possess all the qualities of warmth in that they are hot, stimulating and soothing to our emotions, which need warmness. This is the reason red is the most successful colour in our consumer society and found in such icon products as Ferrari, Coca-Cola, and red lipstick.

In interior warm colours work really well with traditional decorating style and also in social rooms of our house, such as the living, dining and kitchen. They are also ideal for restaurants and bars, where socializing, eating and drinking are paramount.

Warm-Colour- Room Interior
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Even for health purpose, this colour also known to increase adrenaline and breathing rate, raise blood pressure and body temperature, thus make us feel warmer.

Therefore, these colours often add “personality” to a space, as they are perfect for adding interest to ordinary rooms and balance well with neutral colours.

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