What is the Paint & Why Should I Paint my House?

For most of the people, paint is the colour on walls, timber, metal, bricks or outside/inside surfaces of their house. Furthermore, from the layman’s point of view paint is colour of their car, boat or any other object/elements in routine life.

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Paint is basically a liquid material. It is a substance used as the final finish to all surface and as a coating to protect or decorate the surface. Paint is pigmented [simple_tooltip content=’not able to be seen through; not transparent’]opaque material[/simple_tooltip] that completely covers and hides the surface to which it is applied. After drying it forms a thin film on painted surface i.e. walls and other components of the building or any other object.

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Paint is more than just the colour which is applied as a liquid and dries by a various chemical processes into a solid layer on surfaces.

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Why Should I Paint My House?

Important purpose of applying paint is that it can give the ‘sense of completion’, newness, freshness especially to those who are constructing their houses. Applying of paint can mainly have following purposes:


Paint protects the surface from weathering effects of the atmosphere and the actions by other liquids, fumes and gases. It can provide protection to wall, roof, ceiling, railings, furniture, doors, windows, etc.

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Around your home, you’ll ordinarily require paint to four basic elements – walls, ceilings, metal and wooden surfaces. Decorated surface of any of these elements can increases the aesthetic value and beautifies the painted surface.

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If paint is mixed with pigment then it can be converted in to variety of colours. If coloured pigmented paint applied on the exterior of house, it can provide distinctive look to the building. Many times it helps in identification.


Long Life:

Paint can prevent decay and corrosion in metal. Corrosion is the main culprit in reducing life & serviceability of any metal. By applying a special paint, long life of metal can be achieved.

Joy of Living:

The newly painted home gives sense of freshness, newness, cleanliness and sense of completion. Apart from that depending upon colours used it helps in generally moods, providing coolness, excitement and such different feelings.

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