Wrinkling Defect in Paint: Precautions and Repairs

Painting is a quick and economical way to give an old room a breath of fresh air or to make your house more attractive and beautiful. However, when you are doing painting work there may be chances of mistakes which can cause the various paint defects like bleeding, brush marks, efflorescence, wrinkling, etc. These paint defects may occur either during or after the paint application. Wrinkled paint is amongst the most common defects observed on the painted surface after the paint application. It is visible on the interior as well as the exterior surface of the house. Before this paint defect ruins the aesthetics of your house, you need to find the solution to repair wrinkled paint.

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Repair Wrinkled Paint

Wrinkle Paint

Wrinkle paint is defined as the surface of the paint which wrinkles and gathers together when a thick coat of paint is applied. It forms film like undulating waves on the painted surface. It is caused due to poor workmanship, the presence of heavy pigments in paint, etc. We have already written other causes of paint wrinkling.

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Here in this article, we have written precautions and repairs of wrinkled paint so as to take care of this paint defect.

Precautions for Paint Wrinkling

Precautions to Prevent Paint Wrinkling:

  • Sand and clean the surface before the application of paint.
  • Try to avoid applying a thick coat of paint.
  • Make sure that paint does not get accumulated around bolts, angles, etc.
  • Select the right painting system, so that all products are compatible with both the substrate and between the various layers of paint.
  • Ensure that the paint film is completely dry before applying the second coat of paint.
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Repair Wrinkled Paint

Following are the Tips to Repair Wrinkled Paint:

  • First, remove the wrinkled paint layers. Sand it with sandpaper. Remove all loose particles. If needed, prime the areas with an appropriate primer, allow to dry it completely before the application of top coat. Then, repaint your surface in ideal condition by applying an even top coat of good quality paint.
  • Allow extra time for the paint to dry completely during painting in extremely humid, cool or damp weather.

By following above described precaution and methods for repair of wrinkled paintyou can easily repair wrinkled paint. Always apply paint carefully and ofcourse after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow standard painting procedure so that paint wrinkling does not destroy the beauty of your house.

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