Wrinkling Defect in Paint: Precautions and Repairs

Painting is a quick and cheap way to give an old room a breath of fresh air or to make your house more attractive and beautiful. However, deterioration of the paint earlier to its rated life is considered as a failure of the paint.

Several defects like bleeding, brush marks, efflorescence, etc. are observed in painting, either during or after the paint application. These defects arise due to either effect of atmosphere, sunlight, heat, humidity and dust or individually or jointly deteriorating it. Among them, wrinkling is one of the most common defects observed after the paint application.

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Wrinkling is defined as the surface of the paint which wrinkles and gathers together when thick coat of paint is applied. It forms film like undulating waves on the painted surface. It is caused due to poor workmanship, presence of heavy pigments, etc. We have already discussed causes of wrinkling in our recent article.

Precautions to Prevent Wrinkling on Painted Surface:

  • Sand and clean surface before the application of paint.
  • Avoid painting in thick film.
  • Avoid accumulation of paint around bolts, angles, etc.
  • Select the correct paint system, so that all products are compatible with both the substrate and between the various layers of paint.
  • When painting during extremely humid, cool or damp weather, allow extra time for the paint to dry completely.
  • Ensure that the paint film is completely dry before applying second coat of paint.

Tips for Fixing or Repairing Wrinkling:

  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Scrape or sand to remove the wrinkled coating.
  • Sand the surface smooth.
  • Clean the affected area with damp cloth; make sure the surface is clean.
  • If needed, prime base areas with the appropriate primer, allowing it to dry completely.
  • Apply paint at manufacturer’s recommended spread rate.

Therefore, you should apply the paint carefully after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Understanding properly the causes of wrinkling will give the defect free life to your house.

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