10 Things People Unknowingly Do That Can Ruin Plumbing System!

You may be frequenting blogs and websites that give expert advice on everyday plumbing issues. You may even consider yourself well-read on plumbing tips and hacks.

But are you aware of things that may be inadvertently harming your home’s plumbing?

Not so sure?

Stupid Things People Do That Ruin Plumbing System

Then let’s help brush up your basics on the top plumbing DON’Ts.

01. Disregarding the Limitations of Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal in Drain

Many people fail to understand that garbage disposal is not a substitute for a trash can. You should never put down things like potato, onion peels and coffee grounds in the drain. These things can either ruin the blades of the garbage disposal or result in a clog in the drain.

02. Flushing Things in the Toilet

Unnecessary Things in Toilet Flushing

Are you conveniently flushing tissue paper, cotton swabs or hygiene products? You need to STOP doing this with immediate effect!

The toilet is meant only to flush pee and poop. Never flush other things down because they will eventually clog your drain or sewer. This rule applies to things which we claim to be biodegradable too.

03. Failing to Winter-Proof Your Plumbing

Burst Pipe in Winter

Do you face frequent pipe bursts in the winter season? It may be out of your own fault rather than nature’s spell on your plumbing.

Always remember to disconnect all outdoor hoses and pipe connections before winter approaches to save the pipes from freezing. You may even need to get your plumbing insulated to save it from extremely cold temperatures.

04. Ignoring the Condition of Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine Hoses

Condition of Hose Pipe

Most hoses for dishwashers and washing machines wear out soon after 5-6 years of use. Unfortunately, a worn-out hose bursts suddenly without much prior warning signs. It’s advisable to replace the hoses every 5 years to prevent sudden unexpected mishaps.

05. Not Replacing Your Water Heater

Replacing Water Heater

Don’t expect a water heater to be given away as inheritance, right? Of course, the water heater has a limited life, usually 12-15 years. If you stretch the water heater for ages, you’ll probably end up dealing with leaks that require costly repairs. Besides, there are several other risks associated with poorly maintained water heaters.

06. Using Toilet Fresheners

Using Toilet Cleaner

Drop-in toilet fresheners appear to be hassle free cleaning products. But the chemicals and constituents of such cleaning products are extremely harsh and abrasive. In the long run these products can damage the toilet tank and its parts. Save yourself from a bigger problem, and just get down to cleaning the old-fashioned way.

07. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaner

There is common belief that chemical cleaners are the most effective cleaning agents for the toilet. People are ignorant of the fact that chemical cleaners are not only a potential threat for your drains; they are a definite environmental hazard. Frequent and regular use of such cleaning products will definitely lead to corrosion and cracks in pipes.

08. Trying Unwarranted Plumbing Hacks – Sign of Bad Plumbing

Unwarranted Plumbing Hacks

The internet is flooded with plumbing maintenance tips. Some tips are definitely life saviors, but there are still many which are utter thrash! Don’t be hasty in attempting every DIY repair tip or plumbing hack you come across. Many people end up damaging their home plumbing trying such unwarranted instructions.

09. Disposing Grease and Oils in the Drain

Disposing Oils in the Drain

It may seem appropriate to strain excess grease or cooking oil in the kitchen sink. But this is one of the worst things for the drains. The grease and oil that goes down the drain can end up solidifying into a floating mass. This may lead to huge clog either in your home’s drain or the city-sewer line. Follow these instructions to safely dispose of cooking oil.

10. Ignoring Leaks – Common Plumbing Issue

Ignoring Plumbing Leak

Leaks are not temporary plumbing problems that resolve by themselves. Rather, when left ignored small leaks can turn into big leaks or bursts. Ignored leaks can also cause mold growth spoiling your home furnishing, walls and floors. They can also be a potential health hazard and cause breathing problems and illness.


If you’ve done one of these things unknowingly to your plumbing, hire a professional plumber to come and take care of it for you. A lot of plumbing problems are preventable. Proper routine maintenance and due diligence are required to keep a plumbing system in proper working system.

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