Tips to Clean Clogged Drain (Toilet, Sink Sewer Pipe)

Choke or clog in plumbing line or sewer pipe is a nuisance troublesome problem for the homeowner. Choked or clogged drain problems are found in plumbing services sewer line which carries the wastes from the kitchen sink, bathroom and toilet.
We unknowingly add oil and food waste when you washing kitchen utensils in the kitchen sink pipe which becomes solid over a period of time, and it creates the problem of chokes and clogging in kitchen sink drain.

The bathroom and toilet sewer pipes also gets choked or clogged due to the diapers, hairs, cotton balls, cotton swabs, tissue paper, sanitary napkins which does not compost quickly.

Now you are aware of the reason of choke or clog in plumbing line. But if you are lucky, it is choked or clogged at the entry point and if the chokes are found at the intermediate point or in the main line, it becomes a headache.
Here are some useful tips which help you to clean choked or clogged drain of toilet, kitchen sink.

Tips 1:

Use the toilet plunger tool to clear the choke or clog of the waste pipe. It is a very effective tool for sewer cleaning. The plunger tool works on the principle of pressure, and hence you need some extra water in the sink or toilet. If the water is already present in the sink or toilet trap then just give the pressure with the plunger cup. But if water is not present, then you have to add some extra water and make some pressure on the water with the help of plunger cup. Repeat the process until the water starts to drain.

Tips 2:

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Use hard electricity wire or aluminium or mild steel wire which has 2 to 3 mm diameter for cleaning kitchen sink. Bend the tip of the wire and slowly push this wire into the hole of the kitchen sink. Twirl the wire and remove it from the sink drain. Repeat the process until water starts to drain or clog is removed.

Tips 3:

Prepare the drain cleaner solution of white vinegar, baking soda and water. Pour this solution in the choke or clogged sewer line and wait up to 15 to 20 minute. The solution dilutes the built up and water starts to drain.

Tips 4:

Purchase some liquid cleaner or powder cleaner from the convenience store or local store for cleaning the choked and clogged drain. It will also easily remove the chokes or clogs from the kitchen sink, bathroom or toilet.

Tips 5:

Some chemical substance also dissolves the hair, dirt or food waste and cleans the sewer line. In our opinion, do not use the chemical substance, as they corrode the sewer pipe over a time.
The problem of clogging may also be found at the junction of sever lines like traps or L, Y and T Junction. If you are not able to clear the plumbing lines or sewer pipes with the help of drain cleaner, then you have to hire the plumber for sewer cleaning. It is better to remove the clogged waste from the toilet or sink drain instead of draining it in the main line.

Try to clean your kitchen sink, bathroom or toilet sewer pipe once in a week.

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