11 Ways to Achieve a Visually Streamlined Kitchen!


Food is important for all people, and when you have guests coming over, you’ll need your kitchen to look inviting. After all, that’s the place where you prepare their food and refreshments. You wouldn’t want them to think that your food is dirty, would you?

Ideas to Streamline Your Kitchen Space

But the kitchen is actually one of the dirtiest parts of the house or food is prepared in dirt environment or a place which is likely to get dirtiest. It is basically where you keep most of the things that are scientifically proven to be dirty: refrigerator, freezer, sink, stove hood, etc.

Fundamentally, kitchen is a place where you store your food, make dinner for your family / guests. Considering everything you have to do in that room, it is essential to make it functional. At the same time, it doesn’t mean to compromise on style for the utility. According to ‘Caitlin Wilson’ (A famous Interior Designer in Dallas, Texas-US) says that “Our kitchen really is the room in the house where we spend most of our time in.” She further says, being a mother, it has been a source of inspiration for designing beautiful and functional spaces. Therefore, it is more essential to keep it organised and clean.

At the same time when you compare with your bathroom, it doesn’t mark that much, as you open your mouth more often in the kitchen than in the bathroom. Imagine that! But it doesn’t mean you ignore your bathroom. Don’t worry, here are a few tips you can do to quickly clean your kitchen, visually at least.

Insure your Property:Safety is considered as the important factor. It is the place where perhaps you have and you use all the utilities. It is the place where there are many more appliances which makes your day to day life easy and comfortable. It is the place perhaps where you make maximum investment. But do not forget that it is also the place where maximum accidents happen or place where the damage would be maximum in case if any natural calamity strikes. It therefore becomes your fundamental duty to insure the risks by buying an appropriate insurance policy. This is a prerequisite before you start building a new house/kitchen or renovate an existing kitchen. Hence, before you affect any changes to the structure of your kitchen and home in general, you need to be sure that your property is insured.

Home Insurance helps you recover when your home falls prey to natural calamities such as flooding/earthquake/cyclone.

It does not matter where you live, but the standard homeowner’s insurance policies will typically help pay to repair damage caused by certain risks, or perils, like Theft, Fire and Smoke, Windstorm or Hail, Frozen Plumbing, Water Damage from Plumbing, Water Heater, Heating or Cooling System or Appliance. You can check homeowners insurance quote from Allstate and other providers for more details.

Ideas to Create a Streamlined Kitchen Spaces

01. Clutter-Free Kitchen

Clutter-free Kitchen

Creating a streamlined kitchen cluttered-free is a must! Keep the things that spark joy in you and discard the rest. Clearing of your kitchen surfaces will make the biggest difference as how your counters look and how you feel, play a major role for your kitchen. Once the habit for neatness is ingrained in your system, it’s not difficult to remain tidy!

02. Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Triangle is a simple but important concept for the efficient kitchen layouts. Here the three work area i.e. stove, refrigerator and sink should form a triangle with the minimum distance as far as possible! Ideally, in any kitchen no traffic should pass through this kitchen triangle. To know the lengths required for making a kitchen triangle read our kitchen work triangle guide.

Therefore, a great idea is to divide your kitchen space in to zones, helping it look neater and feel more organised.

03. Let there be Light

Let there be Light in kitchen

Photographers love natural light because it perfectly illuminates their subjects. Your kitchen must have natural light. Sunlight gives your kitchen a more natural feel, which is any day preferable to a dark and gloomy one. In order to ensure that it’s safe, we want to see clearly how food is prepared. To let more natural light in, you can opt for more windows. You just have to make sure that the glass panes are properly installed.

Remember, the kitchen will often attract pests because you also stock food from them. Therefore, it is essential to allow the morning sunrays in to your kitchen to destroy the harmful germs and bacteria.

And the last thing that you would want is a small window in your kitchen door from where your pets can easily pass through.

04. Enjoy Serenity of White

Enjoy Serenity of White

White walls and white cabinets give the impression of a cleaner kitchen. You can also identify spots and mess easily when the natural light bounces off the white walls. A white kitchen can give the illusion of limitless space and gives your guests a bit of comfort. So, if you live in a small house or a tiny rented space in an apartment building, opting for a white finish for your kitchen might be a great idea.

05. Look for Apt Materials / Countertops

Look for Apt Materials Countertops

The choice of material plays a vital role in deciding the overall look of your kitchen which includes flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, wall coverings, fixtures, etc. With the vast variety of materials available in the market, opt for the material that is long-lasting, durable and at the same time, it is visually attractive improving the overall aesthetics too.

06. Storages – Transparent & Opaque Both! 

Storages - Transparent & Opaque Both!

The storages should be designed in a sensible manner that the things like crockery, showpiece, etc which needs to be displayed or you will like to display are stored under transparent shutters, while the things which you need to hide should be stored under solid opaque shutters.

A row of tall units is a good option for storage for all your washing needs.

07. Go UP / Vertical

Go UP or Vertical - kitchens

When preparing any meal, you will need a lot of surfaces. The loose things that you are not using must be taken off of your preparing and cooking surface. To neatly do this, you can add hooks, pegs, and small shelves on the walls that surround your counter. Also, try to add one of those magnetic strips where you can stick your knives.

08. Add Freshness with Plants

Add Freshness with Plants in kitchens

Go for organic! Go Green! You can have your own herb garden in a kitchen. As the fresh herbs make anything taste better use them! It also adds beauty and value to your kitchen environment simultaneously.

09. Add Kitchen Island

Add Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is big enough, then try adding kitchen island. By placing a contemporary island with couple of island chairs, the kitchen is more serviceable and comfortable not only for cooking but also for having breakfast and making work more efficient.

10. Show off your Dry Ingredients  

Show off your Dry Ingredients

If you love to display your dry goods in a creative way. Do it! Accept the challenge. The labeled glass jars are the perfect solution for complimenting the open shelves! You can play with geometry too.

11. Raise it Up – On your Countertops!  

Raise it Up – On your Countertops!

The Shelf risers aren’t just for adding more storage space within your cabinets and pantry, but you can use it as riser to create another level of storage on your countertop. By doing so, it brings a visual meaning to your kitchen items, making it a planned storage composition rather than just a jumble of bottles or jars.

Now it’s YOU:

Your canvas is now ready. See those little shelves? Try putting things that you like on them, but try to keep it minimal. We don’t want to clutter up the place. Try decorating with small natural things like plants (just make sure that you know how to take care of them), spices, and objects that you’ve collected from your travels. Make sure that these decor items make your guests feel at ease before having a delicious meal. Presentation is as important as the taste after all, and that’s why it is important to design your kitchen in a way that is pleasing to the eyes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose things that speak to you and define you as a person. If you’re a vegetarian, place a lot of plants that people might think are decorative but are actually food sources where you simply pluck a piece to add to your meal. Just keep it clean and bright — the kitchen is more attractive this way.

If you have any other ideas for streamlined kitchens, you are free to add in our comment section. We will incorporate it in our Article.

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