30 Halloween Decoration Ideas to Spook up Your Homes!


Oct 16, 2020

When you think of Halloween, the Halloween costumes, candies and Pumpkin Lanterns are the first things that strike our minds. It is one of the world’s oldest holidays which is celebrated in many countries worldwide. Halloween or Hallowe’en which is sort of All Hallows’ evening, also called All Saints’ eve, is celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween originated in England, Ireland, and Northern France, almost 1900 years ago. It is observed for remembering the dead, which includes saints and martyrs. The celebration is done for honoring and welcoming the dead, which come to their home on this time.

There are various forms in which Halloween is celebrated throughout the world. In India, All Hallows’ eve is not celebrated, but Hindus remember the dead ancestors and pay homage to their souls, in the Hindu month Bhadra, during the festival of “pitru paksha”. In the United States, Halloween is the second popular festival after Christmas. It is celebrated by decorating homes to welcome the spirits, and various activities like disguising as evil spirits, “trick-or-treating”, scary parties, watching horror movies, attending haunted houses and many more.

Clean the Space:

It is very important to clean the house before decorating it. While cleaning you are allowed to change the arrangement of the furniture to create the desired look for the festival.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween decoration ideas

This year, Halloween might look a bit different due to Covid-19. The gathering might get socially distanced. But accepting this as a ‘new normal’ & still you will be able to give your home a spooky and devilish look by using these easy Halloween decoration ideas! Be it indoors or outdoors, give your homes a perfect theme for Halloween this year:

01. Create a Spooky Front Porch for Halloween

Spooky Front Porch
Scary Front Porch

The first way to make the house look scary is to create a spooky front porch. Halloween guests might not enter your home, but trick or treaters will definitely see the front porch. Hence give your porch a festive feel with ghostly figures, skulls, writing the “Trick-or-Treat” slogan to welcome the children, carving pumpkins and a scary wreath attached to the door.

02. Rustic Farmhouse Theme for Outdoor Décor

Rustic Farmhouse Theme for Front Porch

Another way is to add a rustic touch to the porch. To implement this theme, you need pumpkins, flowers, haystack, broomsticks, spider web, lantern and a witch. By simply decorating your front porch with these things will make it a bright rustic farmhouse theme ready for your Halloween.

03. Haunting Makeover to The Windows for Halloween Night!

Haunting scene at Windows
Haunting makeover to Windows

Create a haunting makeover to your front entrance by sticking stenciled designs of skeletons, spider webs, rats, and bats on your gazed windows. Add a tattered drapery and lantern on the front porch and some plants and pumpkins. It will give an amazing haunting scene at night on your simple windows or doors.

04. Halloween Party Decorations with Halloween Hats & Crepe Papers

Orange & Black Theme for Halloween Party Decorations

If you are planning to throw a party at home this year in Halloween, you can make a party theme with black Halloween hat and black and orange crepe paper. Hang a Halloween hat at a height and through it, let orange crepe paper hang down till the table. Prepare lamp with lanterns and set a table with drinks, dishes, pumpkins, mummy candy jars, monster jar lights and you are set…

05. Gothic Halloween Decorations

Gothic Styling Dining
Gothic Table Décor for Halloween
Gothic Halloween Decorations

Add a traditional touch to your Halloween party by creating a Gothic theme. For this, you need chandelier, strings, vintage styled candle stands, black wreaths, pumpkins, a backdrop of black white gothic styled wallpaper, and glittery skulls. The dining table must also be in black colour which will enhance the Gothic theme.

This was all about the theme for Halloween, but if you want to decorate home for this Halloween festival here are some easy DIY decoration ideas:

06. Dummy Ghosts in the Front Yard as a Halloween Decoration

Dummy Ghosts in the Front Yard
Dummy Ghosts in The Garden

If you have a front yard, place dummy ghosts in the garden to greet the trick or treaters. It is one of the easy halloween decoration ideas to scare your guests & friends. These dummy ghosts can be illuminated at night with the help of lights spread in the grass to give a realistic feeling.

07. Turn your Front yard into Graveyard for Halloween

Graveyard for Halloween in Garden
Graveyard in your Front Yard for Halloween

Turn your front yard into a creepy cemetery. For creating the effect of the graveyard, make tombstones out of cardboard. Give a real scary effect by writing messages on it, adding skeletons, and hands on the tombstone.

08. Ghostly Chairs for Halloween Décor

Haunted look with Dining Chair
Ghostly Dining Chairs

Give your dining table’s chairs a haunted look. For this, use cheesecloth or cotton gauze cloth to cover the dining chairs and make them ghost chairs. You can also use a white coloured cloth and make eyes and mouth with black colour to make ghost out of it.

09. Scary Silhouettes

Scary Silhouettes

You can make your house look scarier by putting weird postures made from black cardboard on your windows and balconies. It is also the easy way for Halloween decorations, at night it will look as scary silhouettes from the home.

10. Flying Bats on the Wall for Halloween Decoration

Flying bats on the wall
Halloween Decoration with Flying Bats on the Wall

The decoration on the walls makes your house attractive and appealing. You can decorate walls for Halloween decorations by sticking numerous bats which are made from black chart paper. You can make the wall spooky by sticking flying bats.

11. Haunted Stairs

Haunted Stairs

Give your stairs a haunted look by sticking mouse made by black cardboard. This is a very easy idea which can be done in fewer efforts and gives the correct look to your stairs in Halloween. You can also keep Jack-O-lanterns on the stairs to give more scary effect.

Halloween Design Stair Pad

12. Blood Dripping Candles for Halloween Decoration

Blood Dripping Candles
Creepy Halloween DIY Dripping Bloody CandlesCreepy Halloween DIY Dripping Bloody Candles

You can illuminate your dining room by using bloody candles, which is one of the very easy Halloween decoration ideas. The effect of dripping blood can be easily done by using red wax down the sides of white candles. You can also make free shaped white coloured candles and add mouth and teeth for making ghost candles.

13. Monster Jar Lights

Monster Jar Lights

A simple way to create homemade lantern is to put a bulb in a designed glass jars. These jars can be creatively designed to give the look of monsters. This can be done using easily available materials at home like tissue papers, crayons, glues, papers and pens.

14. Mummy Candy Jars

Mummy Candy Jars
Spooky Mummy Candy Jars

“Trick-or-Treat” is a common tradition in Halloween, in which children goes door-to-door, asking for candies. Thus, candy jars are placed near front doors to give candies to the children. Mummy candy jars are also one of the easy Halloween decoration ideas, which saves a lot of time and money rather than buying Halloween theme candy jars. You can make mummy candy jars using simple materials available in your house.

15. Jack-O-Lantern


The most popular and old tradition in Halloween is making “Jack-o-Lanterns”. It is based on the folktale of stingy jack, who succeeds in tricking evil to pay him a drink. You can make numerous jack-o-lanterns and place them in the front porch, in your living rooms, on the dining table, etc. You can also hang them in the lobby. You can easily get a step-by-step guide to carve a pumpkin for making jack-o-lantern. If you consider budget, paper jack-o-lanterns can also be made.

16. Halloween Decorations with Spooky Tattered Curtains

Spooky Tattered Curtains

One of the budget-friendly idea for your Halloween decoration. Take a cheesecloth and cut it with some torn parts and some full-length pieces to give a spooky tattered look to your curtains inside the house. You can also hang them near the front porch to create a haunted atmosphere at the entrance.

17. Halloween Decorations with Spider Wreath

Halloween Decorations with Spider Wreath

Halloween decorations get realistic with these creepy crawlies. Spider web wreath is one such way which will drum up your decoration on the front door. All you need to do is add artificial spiders and web and make a wreath to stick on the door.

18. Halloween Door Decoration with Witch Wreath

Witch Wreath for Halloween Door Decorations

A witch wreath will definitely scare your guests, friends and trick or treaters. The way witch looks on the door creates a scary vibe opt for Halloween decoration. You can even add a spooky symbol of your choice to it.

19. Halloween Decorations with Broomstick Door Décor

Broomstick Door Décor - Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations with Broomstick Wreath for Door
Halloween Decorations with Broomstick in Front Porch

We all might have seen the witches riding the broomsticks in animated movies. Hence, if you are looking for a last-minute Halloween decoration, here it is… Simple add ribbons to the broomsticks and stick it to the door or keep them besides the door. You can even add a small broomstick to the wreath.

20. Halloween Candy Scale

DIY Halloween Candy Scale

Simply giving candies to guest can be boring…Instead, add a creative Halloween candy scale. Though it does not work in reality, but it will add uniqueness to your display.

21. DIY Halloween Garlands

DIY Halloween Garlands
DIY Halloween Garlands with Spider Web

Halloween decorations are incomplete without Halloween garlands…You can easily make these DIY garlands with paper and shape of your choice be it pumpkins, bats, spider webs, flowers, skulls or ghosts. It will brighten your spaces and give your home a festive vibe.

22. Origami Halloween Lights

Origami Halloween Lights

Make an origami balloon resembling jack-o-lantern with paper of white and orange colour. These will make adorable ghosts ready to enliven up your space with spooky string lights which you can repurpose the ones used in Christmas.

23. Halloween Decoration with Monster Door Décor

Monster Door Décor for Halloween Decoration
Spooky Monster Door Decor
Scary Mummy Monster Door Decor

Another last-minute decoration is a monster door décor. These can simply be made in 15 minutes. Dress up your door like a monster simply with white coloured paper buntings giving the effect of teeth. Stick eyes above it to give a monster effect. Wrap white coloured bandage around the door and make eyes to stick on the door.

24. Skull String Art for Halloween Decor

Skull String Art for Halloween Decor

A minimalist décor addition to your home this Halloween is the skull string art. Just take black board for displaying and white string for the skull art. It will simply add a classic touch to your home.

25. DIY Spooky Spiders Webs for Halloween Decor

DIY Spooky Spiders Webs for Halloween Decor

Create a dramatic DIY spider web using the black garbage bags. Using inexpensive craft materials and a little imagination can make these beautiful Halloween props ready for your decorations.

26. Halloween Decorations with Headless Horseman at The Entrance

Headless Horseman at The Entrance

You can scare your trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests with a headless horseman figure at the entrance. Add a jack-o’-lantern head in his hand can a sign leading the way inside. Add a character to your front porch by hanging a wreath to it.

27. Halloween Décor-Monster Up Your Front Porch Planter

Monster Up Your Front Porch Planter for Halloween Décor

Spook up your entryway with this easy makeover of monster or mummy on the flower pots. It is an inviting gesture for the Halloween guests and trick-or-treaters. It will also add a little character to your planters.

28. Halloween Décor-Monster Up an Interior Wall

Halloween Décor - Monster Up an Interior Wall

It is a very simple and easy decoration ideas by using white coloured paper buntings on a black wall. It resembles teeth which enhance a bare wall. Add oversized eyes above it and you are done. It will add a totally different look to your wall.

29. Halloween Décor-Haunt a Terrarium or Cookie Jar

Halloween Décor - Haunt a Terrarium
Spooky Terrarium with Glass Jars

Add a little Halloween spirit in your terraruims. All you need is a large glass jar, basic craft supplies and a little imagination. It is perfect to do with kids as they’ll love coming up with ideas for the terrarium’s spooky scene.

30. Halloween Decoration with Outdoor Trick-or-Treat Station

Outdoor Trick-or-Treat Station

Last but not least, you can set up an outdoor trick-or-treat station where the candies and props are displayed with some decorations on wall. Also, it can be used as a wall to click pictures.

I hope you loved the easy and creative Halloween decoration ideas described by us. We hope you would surely implement any of the above-mentioned ideas and enjoy the festival in your home and be safe…

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