Theme Party Ideas that you can Steal for your Next Party!

Everyone wants to decorate their house on special occasions like in festivals, weddings, parties, etc. Therefore, get ready to call your friends and guests for yournext party with these creative theme party ideas, that I am covering in this blog.
Decoration of any house requires a lot of effort when it comes to decorate according to a theme. Theme decoration has the ability to make your home look more charming and beautiful! Theme Party decoration need not always be expensive if you have cleared your plan about the look that you want to achieve in every room with the furniture, colours, furnishings, etc.

Let us imagine that, your home is all set and now is the time to welcome your friends and guests. Obviously, you want them to pay a visit and have a look at the efforts you have made to give your home the ultra-glam look. When the day of the party arrives, the look of your creation should not be dull and boring and not up to hold a celebration. To avoid this situation, it is better that you dazzle your house with some unique theme party ideas, and here we are going to give you just some of them.

Theme Party Ideas

01. Dreamy Sequence

There was a time when each Bollywood movie had a dream sequence as a part of its storyline. With dark and mysterious curtains and cushion covers, you can lead your visitors to a magical world. Try to add your own antique lamps and lighting fixtures for the better impact and let feathers adorn your dining and living room tables. As a colour combination try a blue shade with a dab of scarlet and your mystery look is ready to startle people.

Dreamy Sequence Theme

02. Poetic Extravaganza

If you are among those who live in the fantasy world why not ascertain the same through your ideas. Soft, glowing colours would form the essence of this theme. For best results, it is wise to dabble in a variety of pastel shades like mint, teal and blush. Use them lavishly with your covers and with the showpieces as well. You can also prepare hand-made artefacts like paper lanterns and hang them as a statement of what you are aiming to show.

Poetic Extravaganza Theme

03. Floral Theme

The floral theme always looks good whatever set up you decide to incorporate in it. Moreover, there are multiple accessories that you get to enforce your theme and place emphasis on it. You can do everything and anything with fresh flowers as a part of the floral theme party. If need be, look for butterfly and bird motifs as they also prove to be replicas of the theme. Though any colour can be used as part of floral theme, pink, violet and their shades are the ones that look best!

Floral Theme

04. Vibrant Theme

These bold colours may already be a part of your home décor so here you might just have to tweak the same a bit. While the sofa covers can dabble with pale shades use stark bold colours for the cushion covers to show the contrast. Use paintings of flora and fauna on your walls and accessories to show the effect in an impactful manner. Keep the wallpaper a subtle shade and add small planters to create a green yet accomplished look in the room.

Vibrant Theme

05. Tropical Feel

What about the exotic look of yesteryears created again in your home? Stunning and colourful motifs of creepers over the walls will make them look alive. Round paper lanterns in different colours can also be experimented with. You would have to browse around flea markets to find items which would convert this theme into a reality. Colour choice here should be green as that definitely complements your look. You can add fuchsia to different shades of green to create a sense of harmony there.

Tropical Theme

06. Bold  & Beautiful

This is a theme that needs a lot of idea generation from your side. Take out all your festive items and use them to bring out the feel. Huge mirrors and paintings with flashy colours are going to do the trick. Your old showpieces which looked over the top are sure going to add up to the glamour and bling with this theme party idea. To make your theme party decoration more attractive, use antique items like hookah and no wonder your party is going to be a rage.

Bold and Beautiful Theme

07. Movie Themes

Movie theme is for the pure movie buffs and especially if you are expecting guests with same likings. In the movie themed party, if there is any movie that you have absolutely loved like the animation movie Frozen then why not use its colours as your party theme, too. From using a combination of white and blue for your furnishings to decorating the living room with similar light fixtures, both are ideas that can be exploded.

Movie Theme

08. Vacation Theme

Everyone has their own vacation preferences and you can show yours through your theme party decorations. If you are beach lover match it up with aqua and blue colour combinations along with some dabble of white shade. In the case, if romantic vacations are what you love then cosy and comfy feel to the room is what you can show around. Cuddly heart-shaped cushions and pink and red covers would complete the look that you are trying to portray.

Vacation Theme

09. Cottage or Coastal Theme

Coastal look is also most unique theme party idea that is used nowadays. Just like beach, the coastal look is also quite favoured by many. Colours that are suitable to incorporate in this style are navy, white and light neutrals. Stripes are also suitable and bold ones can be used in the furnishings that you plan to pick. Seashells, jute mats and rope items can be procured from local stores and inserted as showpieces can make your theme party decoration more vibrant. Lastly, an ancient looking lamp would be just perfect to complete the coastal theme for you.

Coastal Theme

10. Asian Theme

An amalgamation of different Asian cultures can be the theme of your party provided you know just how to use it effectively. China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India, are culturally rich countries and you too can explore their style. The colour palette you need to use should be light with shades of tans, creams and light grey. You can also incorporate metallic colours along with other bright colours to match up to the impression you are trying to create. Flower vases with a broad base and metal frames tend to match perfectly.

Asian Theme

While these are just some of the theme party idea that you can incorporate in your party and you will have to make arrangements well in advance. Finding the right kind of look is not going to be easy and it is wise if you know beforehand where to look. If confused, let your imagination run loose and experiment as much as you can. If the theme party decoration is followed correctly the guests would love the touch as hard work never goes unnoticed.

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