13 Living Room Design Tips: This Is What Professionals Do!

The Living room is a place in residence used for the common social activities of the occupants. It can also be used, where guests are entertained & where one makes the first impression! The Living room is the space which is used for the whole day. The living room design should incorporated all the basic needs of family. The term sitting room or lounge are sometimes used as synonymously with the living room.
In many houses, it is also a kind of Family room, where the family sits together to watch television, have discussions or play cards & other board games. A typical living room design may contain furnishings such as a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, electric lamps, bookshelves, rugs, or other furniture.

Living Room

Here are the 13 tips to help you for Living Room Design:

01. Prepare Before You Start:

There are lots of things to keep in mind when designing your living room. To start the living room design, first point out what to plan by using the optimum space.
Follow some best living room furniture ideas & guidelines to make sure that your space is properly lit. Add some decorative artworks to tie the room together.
It is always advisable to set the vision in your mind and generate the look like what your living area should be! This does not mean that you should know every head and tail in advance but a good idea at the starting stage will add the icing on the cake.

02. Think About Sizes:

Take some time to think of the other functions of the living room.
Do you plan on hosting lots of parties?
Do you have kids that need space to play there?
Does your living room have a great view or a large glass façade?
So the size of your living room should be as per your requirements and the human body dimension.
Your living room size should be such that you don’t have to cram too much for your requirement & at the same time it should not be too big,  that you have to struggle how to use so much space!
Before planning for living room design, think about how much space you have to work with! If you need extra seating in small space, do the combination of moving chairs and sofas for flexibility. If you have a lot of empty space in your living space balanced it through design. Always keep the room space in the balance!

Size of Living Room

03. Welcoming Entry:

The living room furniture placement should not be too close to the entryway. Guest should enter the room with plenty of clearance. Also keep plants and other artworks away from the entry. So, your guests do not have to fight with those objects while entering in the living area.

Furniture Layout of Living Room

04. Decide The Life For Your Design:

When you have to plan your living room layout for a shorter period & you are going to redesign it again, then you have to choose the living room furniture material & decor according to it. Your budget will also affect the life. If you have chosen the low-quality material because your budget is low, it will affect the life of your living room design. Designers will always face the challenge to fulfill all requirements in the given budget.

05. Design in Your Budget:

You should think about your budget before planning the list of your requirements. List of requirements will affect the budget of your design. And make sure that you give good and functional design as per the given budget. It is not wise to use low-quality material due to the budget. You can design less but best for the living area.

06. Add Extra Charm to Your Space:

In today’s lifestyle, people give much important to the aesthetics. They describe their requirements also in that manner like “we want our house or space look like this”. Add decor to give extra charm to your living room space. Get large rug to your living space, hang some art frame or wallpaper on walls. Use plants inside the living space.

07. Design Should Not Disturb Your Routine Lifestyle:

The lifestyle will affect the design of your living room layout. While planning living room furniture you have to consider the culture like some family with their traditional culture will demand the Indian sitting or the traditional diwan rather than the modern style sofas and trendy chair.

Traditional Living Room

08. Choose The Right Material:

There are a lot of living room furniture ideas from which you can choose the material of your furniture. The material use for designing the living room furniture should be suitable for the climate of the particular region. If you choose the wrong material, it will affect your comfort. The selection of material will also affect your budget.
Your living room layout & design should go in flow with the climate according to the location of your house. The material used in construction should not get damaged by the climate.

09. Make It Safe & Comfortable:

Make sure that the living room furniture design should be no harmful. The furniture corner and the shape should be not so sharp. Sometimes it happens that user gets injured with the table corner, sofa corner etc. The design and material of the living room should not conduct dust.
The seating height of sofa should be according to the wheelchair dimension, so the person can easily move on a sofa from a wheelchair. There should be a good armrest which will also act as a supporter or grab bars for the physically challenged person.

10. Welcome Fresh Air Inside the Living Room:

Health comes first in any human’s life other than anything. A person spends 50% time of their life in the home. So, the indoor environment of your house is very important for your health. Indoor air quality again depends on the living room layout & design and also the materials used for it. If you are using paint of low quality it will harm your health. So for healthy life, space, design and material plays an important role. There should also be a proper cross ventilation in house for the healthy indoor environment.

Living Room Cross Ventilation

11. Connect With Nature:

Your living area should have some extended green space to allow nature and fresh air to your indoor environment. The good indoor environment will help the family members to get recharged and refresh.

12. Make It Easy To Maintain:

If your living room is new or old it will require repair and maintenance. The design of the living room should be in such a manner that it should be maintained easily and quickly.

13. It Must Be Health Responsive:

If your design is such a good that is a health responsive, it will definitely give you happiness. Another thing in design is to place and workout on the like and dislike family member. People will stay happy if the atmosphere around them is according to their choice, especially for their homes.
Following these tips, you will get the clear idea about the how the various key points are important to keep in mind before planning the living room for your house.

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