25+Creative Tips for Your Room Makeover!

COVID – 19 has forced us to stay home bound. Are you getting bored of your dull and mundane rooms? The work from home culture might have made even made it more complex for you. Are you thinking to give a makeover to your house? Well, worry not… because Gharpedia has come up with a wonderful blog sharing some creative tips for your room makeover to make your home a little more welcoming than before…

Room makeover includes painting and polishing furniture, reupholstering chairs/sofa/sectionals and putting the organisation tips to work. Redecorating your home brings the newness and different look to your rooms.

It is not always necessary to buy the new stuffs if you already have everything you need to decorate. You just need the proper guidance and creative ways to decorate your home interior with as less expense as possible!

Home Makeover Ideas for Your Rooms

Home Makeover Ideas

Here are some cool ideas to help you get started.

01. Add Freshness to Your Rooms with Indoor Plants

Add Freshness to Your Rooms with Indoor Plants

One of the simplest ways to add freshness to your rooms is by adding indoor plants. Buy potted plants from nursery and add some lights to the plants to highlight them! Green plants are inexpensive and add a natural element to your space.

Use something Natural - Indoor Plants

You can also keep a plant at a non-working fire place to open up!

02. Add Interest to Your Entranceway

Add Interest to Your Entranceway

Often, the entryway is overlooked when it comes to room makeover. But, when your visitors arrive, this is the first space that they see. For this, you can add plants, light fixtures, interesting name plates and a new doormat to give a welcoming look.

03. Update Your Existing Chair and Give it a New Look

Update Your Existing Chair

Does your existing chair look too boring to you? And if you don’t want to buy a new chair, then you can easily upgrade your old chair and make it look like the new one. Give a better look to the legs/arms of wooden chair furniture with a fresh coat of paint, and then use the chair as a side table to hold books with throws-! Additionally, you can also reupholster your existing fabric from chairs and make it look like the new one.

04. Add Luxury with a Throw

Add Luxury with a Throw

This idea will definitely help you to make an instant room makeover. All you need to do is transform your throw for an old sofa with the new one. It will not only make your room look luxurious and exotic but also give your sofa a new lease of life.

05. Use Silk to Cover-Up Your Pillows

Use Silk to Cover-up Your Pillows

Bright and colourful pillow covers are cost-effective which give your room an easy makeover with bright colours. Cover your throws of pillows/cushions with silk velvet and yes don’t forget to use invisible zipper! This will change the overall appearance of your room as well…

To explore various cushion trends for your home interiors, here we have a detailed blog for you:

06. Go Angular for an Instant Change in Layout (Common Area)

Go Angular for an Instant Change in Layout

This idea will really elevate your rooms by just applying your minds and doing some juxtaposition in the layout of your room. Consider setting furniture and carpet in an angle of a room, by doing this it will transform the whole look of your room decor. It is absolutely easy and inexpensive, right?

07. Enliven Your Room Corners

Enliven Your Room Corners

If you have a corner which is kind of dead, you can re-décorate the corners to make a smart makeover. Simply make a pedestal out there with gloss paint. You can then use that space as a work station in home or as a corner for keeping books or anything to put on it under glass or wooden desk.

To give a new look to your empty corners of your rooms, we have many creative corner decorations ideas for you:

08. Repurpose Your Bracelets as Napkin Rings

Repurpose your Bracelets as Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are the little knickknacks for adorning and keeping your dining napkins in place. Colourful plastic/wooden bangles are great for a casual table, while metal ones can complement a formal setting. Here’s a DIY tutorial for making napkin rings.

09. Add New Table Settings

Add New Table Settings

One of the easiest ways to create a room makeover is to add new table settings. It is the simplest and rather ignored ways to give a new look. Simply change the table cloths, napkins, napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers and add flower vase and you can bring a significant different to the dining space.

10. Redecorating Your Children’s Room with Ribbons

Decorate your Children's room with Ribbons

Don’t let all your scraps you have been saving from holidays/birthday parties go to waste! You can transform your children’s bedroom by tying those colorful ribbons around the knobs, chest of drawers, stem of a lamp or the legs of a table, etc.

11. Pull-in Extra Seats

Pull-in Extra Seats

You can use some wooden benches which can be used for extra seating to create a stylish and comfortable room. They are available in teak/mango wood or you can paint them with your favourite colour for your room decor!

12. Try a Higher Perspective for Dining

Try a Higher Perspective

Instead of using the usual coffee table, you can try a pedestal table which is more versatile. You can even pull up a few chairs and eat a quick meal. The scale and height creates a different vision of your home interior, which is much more interesting than the regular setting!

13. Use Seasonal Accessories for Your Dining Table

Use Seasonal Accessories for Your Dining Table

You can buy some trendy wicker baskets (colourful) from the shops and fill it with fruits and put them in a dining room or over a table!

14. Add Light to Your Room By Using Big Mirrors

Add Light to your Room by using Big Mirrors

A bright lit room looks open, airy and welcoming. You can place a large mirror opposite a window to open up a room and double the amount of natural light to enhance your home interior.

15. Organize the Accessories By Dividing the Drawers

Organize the Accessories by Dividing the Drawers

You can go to the store and buy all those drawer dividers and start organizing the accessories for your kitchen/dressing/chest drawers, etc. It will make your room look clutter-free and clean. Here’s a quick and easy way to organize your drawers with drawer dividers.

16. Try to Use New Style Light-Bulb

Use New Style Light-bulb

Experiment with different light-bulbs for your room makeover. Try chandeliers, instead of the traditional flame tip. You can ditch the shades for a modern look! You can replace your outdated ceiling fixtures with the contemporary lights.

If you are confused about which lighting fixtures to use for your interiors, don’t worry… because we have a detailed article on various lighting apt for your home interiors:

17. Create an Oasis in Your Bathroom

Create an Oasis in Your Bathroom

You can make your bathroom feel like a spa. For that get rid of the clutter, organize the items in the bathroom, clean the bathrooms regularly and buy fabulous towels in new colours and add few small candles and light them at night when you have guests.

18. Revive Your Bedroom

Revive Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a place to relax so it must be redesigned to make it feel fresh. New bedding with bright cushions can bring in a lot of freshness!

19. Jazz Up Your Plain Walls with a Gallery Wall

Rethink the Empty Wall of your Room

Create an interesting gallery wall in your common area or living room. Arrange the family/artistic photo frames on wall with different collage patterns and different frame sizes and black frames to maintain uniformity. It will add a stunning effect to your home makeover. Gallery walls are an interesting addition to your homes and can be changed with new pictures.

Want to know how to correctly arrange your photo frames on wall? Here’s to know how:

Correctly Hang Artwork On Your Walls!

20. Create New Countertop Storage

Create new countertop storage

Find attractive containers for all those items on the kitchen counter. For e.g. you can add white modern canisters for flour, sugar, pasta, with a matching tray for oils and vinegars.

21. Accent Your Room with Red

Accent Your Room with Red

Add a splash of red to your room decor. It could be a lampshade, a cushion, a carpet with some red in the pattern. Red is so elevating for any room makeover!

22. Switch Pulls and Knobs

Switch Pulls & Knobs

You can change the kitchen cabinetry hardware for a different look. A new look to your kitchen cabinetry will brighten your spaces and will bring a kitchen makeover.

23. Think on a Larger Scale

Think on a Larger Scale

Add a character to your rooms with large sized posters. Add fewer pieces of art, which are bigger in scale. These could even be an oversize poster or any geometry shapes! (depend upon your choice)

24. Add Artwork and Wall Hanging

Add Artwork and Wall Hanging

Personalize your rooms with artworks and wall hangings that enhance the beauty of your living rooms. Explore some flea markets for creative art works. The artworks and wall hangings can add a character to your rooms.

25. Use Colourful Shelf Liners

Use Colourful Shelf Liners

You can use shelf liners in your kitchens and bathrooms. It gives a little depth and texture, and anything you put in front of it looks great!

26. Be Creative with Party-Ware

Be Creative with Party-Ware

For a quick pick-me-up, you can buy an oversize wicker wrapped glass hurricanes for party look!

27. Protect Your Furniture From Pets

Protect your Furniture from Pets

When we have a pet in our house, we can casually drape and tuck those white canvas painters drop clothes over furniture. It will calm down the room décor and look so good and we can keep them not a longer than we had to!

Want to know how to make a comfortable space for pets? Here we share interesting ideas:

28. Upgrade the Table Top

Upgrade the Table Top

You can add glass top over a table for more sophisticated look by putting fabric or wall paper underneath it or you can also paint the table top with bright colours!

29. Pay Attention to Your Focal Pieces

Pay Attention to Your Focal Pieces

Add details to your rooms by giving it focal pieces. It can include anything like wall clock or an antique or a fancy chandelier.  Instead of spending on too many small decorative items, you can buy one big interesting element as a masterpiece. It will minimize the clutter and add a clean aesthetic look to your rooms.

Following these tips will truly help you for a quick room makeover!

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