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Upgrading your home is always exciting, as you have entire new chance to make your home brand new! Even simple kind of decoration such as repainting, rearranging the décor items or any other strategic retouches can make your space appear highly attractive. The beauty of any home is enhanced by the kind of décor we use in it. Normally, to impart a vibrant look, we try and incorporate some vibrant colours and try to match them up with the furnishing that we would place earlier or later as part of the setup. Thankfully, with the presence of so much variety, it is never difficult to follow the trends that are popular at any time.

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a sofa which are decorated with number of comforting and soft cushions. Cushion covers are an integral part of any home and you can play around with them to increase the style quotient of the same. Here we tell you some interesting ways in which doing that is possible.

01. Colours

Cushion Colours

Apart from the fact that the colour schemes need to be vibrant, you have to find out which bold colours suit your décor. These colours add a sense of warmth to your room and it appears cozy and inviting. Blue, red and green, all are rich colours and if you use them with smart artwork like elephant and mosaic prints, then the impact is much more stark and defined. You can also experiment with turquoise as that is another colour which is finding quite a lot of takers these days. The 2018 colour of the year was ultraviolet and that surely cannot be ignored completely. If you have some neutral or natural cushions, you can pair them up with bold ones in red, ochre and earthy shades to bring a major contrast to the fore.

02. Patterns

Cushion Patterns

The design and patterns of cushion covers you choose gives a similar kind of feel to your room. In case you do not want to apply the patterns to your walls you can conveniently do so on your cushions and bed sheets. Autumn and paisley patterns are definitely ‘thumbs up’ for the glamorous look while tribal and chevron prints cannot be ignored either. You can also mix and match different cushion patterns to provide a somewhat eclectic impact of the same. As per the Jono Fleming, “Hand-painted patterns are really popular at the moment”. Spots and stripes have been favourites since long and can be considered too.

03. Designs

Customized Cushion

Customized cushions have become quite popular these days and the best is that you would find many varieties so easily. From having self-imposed photos to welcoming messages like ‘hi’ and ‘bonjour’, you can find a lot of them suitable to your home set up. You can even gift them to someone who you know would like this idea.

04. Shapes

Cushion Shapes

Cushions till now were traditionally preferred only in square or circular shapes but that does not mean that you cannot experiment with that. Go a little out of the league and bring in shapes which are unique and pleasing to the eyes. Latest is that you can use the same shape but buy the cushions in different sizes to create a contrast identity.

05. Fabric

Cushion Fabric

Fabric or texture is something that can never be ignored especially when it comes to cushions and other furnishings. Velvet is one of the trendy cushion fabrics that looks luxurious to the core. Most importantly, velvet always comes in stark and standing out colours which is why you do not have to think much before picking the same for your home. Apart from that if you want to grant a rustic appearance you can always pick up handcrafted fabrics. You can look for fringed edges and natural linen as an extension of the beauty of your room.

06. Floral

Floral Print Cushion

This is one style which deserves a separate mention for the impact it gives. The breezy impact of a floral cushion stays fresh throughout the year. Though the trends keep fluctuating, the floral cushion can be utilized as per the mood and season. Traditional in feel, you can mix them up with some new styles to get a superior look. One unique advantage of the same is that – it never looks over the top so you can add more to it as much as you want without any qualms.

07. Bohemian Look

Bohemian Look of Cushion

This is a trend which is not as popular as of now so you can utilize it to its full capability. Ikat prints are one way in which you can create this look and the best is that such cushions are readily available. Plus, place statement-based accessories like plants, paintings and vases to match up to the effect that you are trying to achieve. Mostly the bohemian look suits well on a tan or brown leather sofa but you can use it on other styles as well.

08. The Blue Look

The Blue Look Cushion

Sailor look is in demand these days and if you have a light coloured sofa, then this is one trend you should just not ignore. Use colours that are inspired by the sea and pick up cushions which look related to it. Here you can add up different styles like floral, stripes and solids as you please. To add up to this contrast look, pair a rug which includes all the shades that you have used lavishly on your sofa.

09. Brocade

Brocade Cushion

Now this is one trend that you can follow in case you want to take the luxurious look of your house to the next level. This royal look always works and brocade cushions are just too elegant to be ignored. Best is that when you choose brocade, you can be assured that the impact would be exquisite at all times as this trend never goes wrong for anyone.

On a final note, having a luxurious home is just not enough. For a better look, it is important that you do up the interiors smartly. Having these cushion cover trends followed, you ensure that your home gears up to make a high impact when the visitors arrive. None of these trends is too expensive to follow and if you balance them well, they would give your home a gracious appearance without much effort. Experimenting when it comes to cushion covers always works in favour and as soon as you understand that there remains no looking back for you.

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