12 Essential Outdoor Décor Ideas for Your House!

House decoration comprises so many elements like furniture, furnishings, lights, landscaping, etc. By using such elements, you can easily décor your house indoors as well as outdoors. It usually gives a warm feeling and makes you feel welcomed! However, outdoor décor is most important for any house as it directly impacts the overall look of your house, which means you would have to make lot of efforts to make that whole place look gorgeous and inviting too! However, getting that “perfect” look for your porch or garden is not so easy and there are bound to be a conflict of outdoor decor ideas.

To guide you better, we are giving you 12 outdoor décor ideas in which you can invest and redecorate the outdoors of your house.

Outdoor Décor Ideas

01. Seating

Outdoor Seating

Obviously, when you are at your outdoors you would need something to rest upon. and there comes outdoor seating!  For outdoor seating, you can place multiple sofas in that area as it will gives an inviting look to your house. Not only that, you can easily use this outdoor living space to entertain your guests or to have a coffee at night. In case of space is limited for outdoor seating, do not lose heart as you can buy some quirky single chairs and place them accordingly. You can even get a table in the center and place these chairs alongside in case you want to dine out sometime.

02. Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Table

Supposing you are looking to use outdoor area for your dinner parties then investing in a subtle outdoor dining table is a must. You can allot a specific area of your porch which can be used only for dining purposes and arrange a dining table there. Again, if you have space restrictions for outdoor dining, you can look for a round table or even a fold able one based on the space available. In case, you expect a big gathering go for a long dining table with bench type seating to accommodate all of them.

03. Shade

Outdoor Shades

If summers in your particular area are harsh you better do something about that. Installing a shade can keep the sunlight away and allow you to spend time outdoors without fear of getting sunburns. However, if you think it would be windy and a sunshade would not be workable then you can opt for a permanent solution like getting a Pergola constructed. It would act as a roof structure and add up to the beauty of your outdoor decor.

04. Cooking Area

Cooking Area

If you are fond of sharing cooking responsibilities especially during parties and other functions you can have a cooking area outside. You can install a grill for barbecues so that you do not have to rush inside when all your guests are waiting outside. The best part is that you do not have to overspend on getting one constructed. Just a simple grill and a prep cart to carry over the things made are sufficient to get the feel. Also, if you are going to have friends coming over for drinks keep a bar outside. You can have an outdoor bar or a beverage cart. You can even convert your old furniture for the same purposes.

05. Lights

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the most beautiful outdoor décor idea that can make your house surrounding more vibrant. Normally, we want to use our patio area in the evenings and at that time having supplement lighting gives a fresh look to it. Do not want to make it too complicated then a line of string lights is sufficient to give you that effect. Apart from that, there is an exceeding scope of installing solar lighting options which you can explore, too. You can also get a little bold and use low voltage lighting on trees and walkaways as that gives a decorated look to the entire pathway.

06. Hedges and Landscaping

Hedges and Landscaping

Whenever you are thinking of house decoration, backyard landscaping is the most common outdoor décor idea that comes in your mind. Obviously, your outdoor has lots of greenery to boast off but why not utilize its potential completely. By simply placing planters at regular spaces or intervals bestows grandness to your garden. You can also get your hedges trimmed and opt for vertical vines like bougainvillea to create a covering acting as a sun protector.  The more you work on that portion the best look you will receive as nature in any form looks peaceful and has a calming impact too.

07. Decorative Items

Decorative Items

Why to leave your porch just like that! There are many options for decorative items that you can choose from for your outdoor decor. Pots, rugs, pillows, cushions, lanterns, and candles are items that you can experiment with and personalize your space as well. Apart from them, you can also have standing fans of the antique style, umbrellas, and small benches as decorative items and give a homely feel to the same.

08. Water-Based Features


Any outdoor living space looks quite relaxing if we add a water-based feature to it. Fortunately, you can get fountains, water basins and ponds installed at your porch and expect an ethereal impact from the same. The sound of running water has a very pacifying and soothing effect and it keeps your mood afresh, too. You can have an elaborate fountain or a small waterfall splashing into a basin below.

09. Fireplace


Often certain places are quite cool in the evenings and if you want you can create a fireplace to keep the chill away. You can also opt for stylish heaters but they do not look as good as a traditional fireplace. If you have a yard you can also opt for having a fire pit for the same purpose, the choice totally is yours.

10. Sound or Speakers

Wireless Speaker

The ambiance of your outdoor patio would be enhanced by having speakers which can play soft music for you. Installing outdoor speakers there would keep away all other sounds that you might not be very interested in hearing. With technology, you can even install wireless speakers so that wires do not spoil the effort you have made for outdoor décor.

11. Candle Chandeliers

Outdoor Candle Chandelier

If the fall season in your location is extremely colorful make it lively using soft lighting modes like candle chandeliers. This you can do till the actual cold season sets in. For best impact add candles in the fireplace and have a romantic ambiance created without any major effort from your side.

12. Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains

When spring arrives, the use of outdoor patio increases as we do not want to miss the pleasant weather. Having outdoor curtains installed prove a viable option giving you the chances to enjoy the outdoor feel.  Apart from that, they also provide a certain level of privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors and their breezy presence keeps the ambiance calm.

Your outdoor area can be a peaceful resting place for you provided you know how to design it as per your need. Once it is done appropriately as per given outdoor décor ideas, this place can be your safe heaven and a place where you can rest after having a stressful day at work. On weekends, whether you go out for a sport activities on beach, camp or pool (find your favourite outdoor sports gear on Globo Surf) and after that you want to feel relaxed, the same place becomes your relaxing spot and an entertaining area and a jaunt for some fun escapades too. Use this area tactfully as you will make some beautiful memories while you are here.
The outdoors are enjoyed majorly in spring and summers, but when it is snowy or rainfall you better like to rest inside your house. Gharpedia merely has tried to give you the outdoor ideas for a season when you can really enjoy the time with your family. Share your memories and ideas of your outdoors, it would be great to hear from you!

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