16 Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Auspicious Occasions!

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Home is built with lots of love & dreams, which we strive hard to bring in to the reality! To let your dream come true, start thinking about how to decorate your home? Know the decorating & furnishing ideas so that you can spend your fruitful time with family & friends in comfort & luxury without spending much!

Here are the ways by which you can simply decorate & furnish your home:

A Welcome Rug:

Place a welcome rug in your home, which is colourful at a front door. Rugs are the great way to decorate your home as it can be used as a part of grouping traditional or modern furniture or in an open area of a large room. It also gives a sophistication & adds warmth to your living room.


Arrange Family Photo Frames:

Remembering elders, grandparents on auspicious occasions will inspire young & of course, it is an occasion to seek their blessings! Arrange the pictures of your family in frames around to decorate your home walls. If you have a larger plan, then paint your walls with vibrant shades of orange, red or yellow!


Rangoli at Entrances:

You can also have a Rangoli art for welcoming guests at your Entrance. Rangoli is used as a symbol of religious & cultural beliefs in most of festivals, specifically by Hindus/Parsis


In India, it is a tradition to have a Rangoli art. There are different names for rangoli art in different provinces of India; as for example, Saathiyo in Gujarat, Bengal Alpana in Maharashtra, Aripan in Bihar, Purna in Uttar Pradesh, Mmandn in Rajasthan, Rangavallie in Karnataka, Kollam in Tamil Nadu, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Alikhthap in Kumaon and Kolam in Kerala.

Door Torans:

According to Indian tradition, the toran is more prominent element. Toran may also refer as a decorative door hanging in Hinduism, usually decorated with marigolds & mango/Ashoka leaves, or a string that is tied on the door with the flower on it as a part of traditional Hindu culture on the occasion of festivals & weddings. They can also be made of fabrics or metals also as a part of home decor. They also have other decorative features depending upon the region. Same as in western countries the people use Wreaths (for e.g. in Christmas) on entrance doors.

Toran – Flowers/Fabric/Pearls

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Christmas Wreath Decoration on Door


Hygiene i.e. cleanliness should be the main priority for any occasion. Neat & clean space can be further decorated for any auspicious occasion!


Table Decorations:

You can bring some fallen good leaves or pine boughs (branches) in wreaths (an arrangement of flowers-leaves-stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration) or table arrangements.


Attractive Cushion & Upholstered Fabrics:

Use soft, cosy and lavish fabrics in cushions and upholstery that you want to cover-up with velvets, chenille (Refer to either a type of yarn or fabric. It is a French word for caterpillar whose fur the yarn is supposed to resemble) & mohair (the hair of the angora goat). Usually, velvet cushions with all contemporary colours give a mixture of an ethnic and modern look. You can also add pillows & accessories with rich bright colours.


Throws & Slipcovers:

You can warm-up your traditional or modern furniture such as sofa/couch/sectionals, etc with throws or slipcovers in a soft colours & fabrics.


Scented Candles:

To decorate your home, Candles always gave a warmness and soften the room. Candles with scents such as cinnamon/vanilla around the home usually evoke the feeling of comfort. You can place candles in front of a mirror to blow up the warmness, brightness & reflection in a room.


Cosy Reading Corner:

Make a cosy reading corner with a comfortable table, chair & lamp.


Good Illumination:



Good illumination is an important part to decorate your home for any occasion. You can equally illuminate the house from outside with different colours of lights including landscape/garden & series of light or bulbs on the building. In rooms you can use lanterns made up of paper/fibre/wood/metal for illumination patterns & textures.

Gold, Silver or Copper Accessories:

Use more gold/copper/brass/silver colours in the accessories to decorate your home! You can even change the hardware of your traditional or modern furniture to add an extra spark to your room!



Flowers are often used to celebrate blissful-happy-joyful occasions, but they can also be a way to express comfort, sympathy & peace during times of sorrow! You can use flowers in vase or a decorative bowl for the flow of fragrance in a house!


Bring Natural Light Inside!

Your home interior should have some sunlight, e.g. in your bedroom, a bed sheet as per your room colour combination. You can also add bedside mats & don’t try to congest your bedroom with small furniture.


Home Decor Furniture:

Arrange your home decor furniture in groups for easy adaptation such that a small table or a couple of chair or footstools can encourage people to gather.


Lower Down Your High Ceilings!

If you have high ceilings & want to lower down, then try to use dark hues of colour which will lower the ceiling height & establish more intimate space!
Following these tips, you can effortlessly decorate your home interior. These ideas will also evoke your thoughts for creating your space ready for any auspicious occasion!

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