Diwali Diya Décor for Your Homes!


There is no way to celebrate Diwali without using diyas or our traditional oil lamps because diyas and Diwali are inextricably linked. Diyas may have given way to more modern sources of light, such as candle diyas or LED diyas, but the essence of Diwali remains the same: to usher hope by dispelling darkness. In that case, how about looking at some wonderful Diwali décor ideas using diyas?

DIYs for Diwali Diya Décor this Season

Store-bought diyas are elegant, but there is a different charm to them when you put in some effort on your end to beautify them and make eye-catching diyas. Pick some clay diyas of your choice and paint them with some traditional motifs or stick pearls and kundans on them. There are many ways you can beautify your diyas. Put your artistic skills to the test by deciding to make an embellished diya for this Diwali. That way, you can take a break from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your kids on this DIY task.

Diwali Diya Decor

You can use these diyas to light any part of your home. These Diwali diya decors are not meant only for your puja room or balconies. The edges of your stairs, your favourite place to sip your fresh brew of coffee, that space near your reading nook, diyas can transform the most boring pocket of your home. Light them up and enjoy the beaming energy.

DIY Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas

Here’s sharing some interesting and unique DIY Diwali diya decoration ideas to brighten up your homes.

01. All that Floats

Floating Diyas in Bowl of Water
Floating Diyas in Bowl of Water & Rose Petals

Why remain static when you can make your diyas float? Placing diyas over a bowl of water is the time-tested Diwali décor that never fails. Take that antique Urli in your attic, fill it with water, and place your candle diyas. Finish the look with some whole marigolds, rose flower petals or any flower petals of your choice. We bet your guests are going to applaud you.

02. Bunch of Elegance

Lotus Décor for Candle Diyas
Lotus Candle Decor

Everyone loves lotuses. If Diwali is also about welcoming Goddess Lakshmi, the guardian of wealth, then her favorite flower lotus must be a part of the décor. There are multiple options around lotus décor items. If you have a clustered lotus décor piece, pick it up and place candles at the centre of each lotus. Place the entire setup at the centre of a floral rangoli and let the décor raise eyebrows.

03. Peacock Delight

Peacock Feather Diya Decor

Peacocks have been integral to Indian designs and motifs. Why not incorporate the same in our diyas. Take a traditional clay lamp. Keep it as it is, or paint it the colour of your choice. Now stick one peacock feather each and light your lamp. Keep them in clusters or individually; the elegance that they can bring to a space is unmatched.

04. Platter of Light

Puja Thali Décor with Diyas

‘Thalis’ are an integral part of our puja rooms. Stick to the traditional thali, but amp it up with a few embellishments, ranging from golden laces to kundans and pearls. Place your embellished diya along the corners or at the centre. This will prove to be a mesmerizing element in your Puja room.

05. Hanging lights

Hanging Lights

There are several embellished hanging lights available on the market. You can either pick one of those or make one yourself. If you have a couple of traditional handing oil lamps, you can embellish them. The simplest, yet most elegant way is to burlap the chain with your favourite flower and light the diya. You can even give some floral finishing to the diya as well.

06. Bangles that Shine

Diya Décor with Bangles and Lace

Well, we all have those bangles at home that we do not like, a set that does not match any of our outfits, or a set that is too outdated. Bring them out and put them together to make tealight holders. Glue and stack them one over the other or cover them with glitter or silk threads, the choice is yours. However, the result is going to be dazzling and no one will know how you have made such an exclusive decorative diya for your home.

07. Origami Wonders

Origami Diya Decor
Origami Diya Decor

You can make paper diyas as décor elements too. If you have string lights, you can always jazz it up and give it a Diwali twist using these paper diyas. Try them out, it is going to be so much fun!

08. Tequila Shots

Diya Décor using Tequila Glasses

This is unusual, but yes, bring out all your tequila glasses this Diwali to brighten up your dinner table. Fill water into the shot glasses and immerse a sprig of baby’s breath. Float a candle over it, and your tequila glasses will give you a different kind of high!

Some Useful Traditional Tips

  • Traditionally, you never keep Diwali diyas facing south
  • Always light the first diya in your puja room
  • Always use til (sesame), coconut oil or ghee to light diyas. Avoid using refined oils
  • Light diyas at the entrance and at the Tulsi altar to welcome prosperity
  • Opt for oil lamps over candles.
  • Make a combination of flowers, colours (Rangoli) and lamps to beautify your house.
  • Keep your décor as eco-friendly as possible.

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