15+ Diwali Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your Homes

The first thing that strikes our mind when we talk about Diwali is beautifully illuminated front yards, balconies, well-decorated homes, hanging lanterns, fire-crackers bringing out the inner child within us, and so on…It is the brightest festivals of colours, lights and sweets. Decorating your house traditionally is an essence of the Diwali festival. Hence, Gharpedia brings you different decoration ideas for your home.

‘Diwali’, the more commonly known as ‘The Festival of Lights’ is the most ancient festival which is celebrated every year. It is held during the months of October to mid-November. It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over the evil. It marks the day of Lord Rama’s re-entry to Ayodhya after killing, the evil king Ravana. This five-day celebration is gifted with India’s rich culture and significant religious beliefs.

As the festivities are around & all are looking forward to make their houses look better, we want to see that no home decoration ideas are missed! This alternatively states that even if you go for a complete home makeover, you cannot miss out on Diwali activities & its decoration. Diwali is a time for cleaning, rearranging & ushering in a new into your house. It is also a festival when you decorate your home to add the cheer for the Diwali activities.

Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali Decoration ideas enliven your homes and are sure to enhance your friends and family’s moods. They totally change your home ambiance and create a welcoming vibe giving you memories of Diwali. We on Gharpedia, therefore suggest ideas with some tasteful ways to decorate your home for this Diwali. We have a couple of modern ways to interpret this beautiful festival into your living & bedroom along with entrances, porch, balcony, veranda & even backyard!

01. Chain of lights or Light Series or String Lights for Diwali Decorations

Exterior Home Decoration for Diwali
String Lights
Strings of Joy!

Diwali is a festival of lights, so the home decoration remains unfinished without lights. Dazzle up any room indoor & outdoor with a chain of lights or LED string lights. Instead of just putting up a string, get innovative with a chain of bulbs. Cover the bulbs with colourful paper, paper cups, egg carton cut-outs or DIY thread lanterns to add a touch of your own!

02. Winding Lights on Trees for Exterior Diwali Lights

Winding Lights on Trees
String Lights on Trees
Make the Trees Glow

If you have trees in your front yard, what are you waiting for? Take the advantage of the trees and bushes and decorate them with winding string lights. With the help of lighting alone, it will totally transform your area into a perfect set up for your Diwali. Your guests and friends are definitely going to love this space.

03. Brighten Your Diwali with Paper Lampshades or Lanterns / Kandils

Colourful Kandils
Paper Lampshades
Stars From Heaven!

Decorating your home using paper lampshades or lanterns is one of the brightest Diwali home decoration ideas. It is an important component in Diwali decoration used to brighten up the entrance of your homes. These beautiful paper lampshades are affordable & are available in many local shops & are an excellent way to install your Diwali lights. You are simply going to love the enlightened patterns of the lampshades due to the lights under them. It enhances your balconies and front yards giving a festive vibe and making interiors look alive during festive season.

04. Creative Glass Jar Lanterns for Diwali Décor

Glass Jar Lanterns
Glass Jar Lanterns with LED Lights
Let the Lanterns and Fairy Lights Play Some Magic!

Diwali home decoration is incomplete without a lantern. Brighten your spaces with some colourful glass jar lanterns & spread best Diwali wishes & warmness. Well, it is the time to put old glass jars into use, it can be pickle jars, sauce jars, candy & cookies jars. With little creativeness & craft ideas you can transform them into attractive glass lanterns. You can add colour to these glass jars by spraying some paint on them. To give these pretty jars a festive touch, add a splash of golden or silver paint or any pattern on top & bottom of the jar. Now you just need to place a candle or LED lights inside these jars, and your handmade glass jar is ready to spread the best Diwali wishes & cheer to your friends & relatives!

05. Add Beautiful Torans to Jass-Up Your Entrances/Doors!

Floral Torans for Entrance Door
Colourful Floral Toran at Entrance Door

A beautiful toran made from fresh flowers placed on the entrance door frames flawlessly complements your rangoli. A colourful Diwali toran hanging at the entrance door looks elegant & is perfect to give the best Diwali wishes & a warm welcome to your guests. They are usually made of coconut, mango or ashoka leaves & marigold flowers. You can hang them vertically as well as horizontally with varied patterns of your choice.

Traditional Toran

Torans are used according to the culture & location. They are also made by handcrafted fabrics, mirror lace, acrylic beads & pearl & sea shells depending on the location. There are many plastic & paper torans made of colourful paper in the market which are ideal items of Diwali home decoration.

06. Creative Diwali Handmade Rangoli Designs

Colourful Rangoli
Rangoli Designs with Diyas
Bring in the Splash of Colours with Rangolis

Diwali activities & decorations are incomplete without rangoli. There is nothing more appealing than designing a rangoli during the festival of Diwali.  It has always been an important part of Diwali as it gives a welcoming vibe to the guests. Made from the powder colours on the floor in geometric or traditional creative rangoli designs, there are many forms of rangolis famous across India.

Floral Rangoli

Flowers are inescapable parts of Diwali decoration. It gives a visually pleasing and vibrant touch on the floor. Add diyas, candles, flower petals, small lamps & even earthen pots to enliven your rangoli.

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07. Explore Your Pathway with Diwali Decoration Ideas

Pathway Décor with Flowers
Pathway Décor with Rangoli Colours

Lead your guests with a wonderful pathway by giving them a warm welcoming gesture. For this you simply need to draw patterns along the pathway and arrange flowers petals or powdered colours with decorative candles and you are good to go…  

08. Decorate Your Home with Diyas

Colourful Diya
Decorative Diyas
Slice of Tradition

This festival is incomplete without diyas. Diyas made of clay are the traditional home decoration ideas for Diwali. It is said that people of Ayodhya celebrated the homecoming of their King Rama from exile by lighting earthen pots or diyas only as an important part of Diwali activities.

Even today, the maximum of houses in India use Diyas to decorate their homes and offices. These are often filled with oil/ghee along with a cotton wick to light them up!

There are various shapes of diyas available in the market. You can also give a different touch to Diyas by being slightly creative & paint them with colours.

09. Candles

Diwali Candles
Decorative Candles
Give it a Modern Touch with Candles

Spread light, cheer and best Diwali wishes to your friends by making these handmade candles and beautify your home within no time. Brighten up candles with colours & glitter. These candles look beautiful, are easy to make and are inexpensive. To make these candles add some glitter, stick on some sequins, pour in melted wax and add a wick. If you want a scented candle, simply tie some cinnamon sticks to a candle and fill the room with a sweet aroma.

10. Candle Flower Bowl Decoration

Candle Flower Bowl Decoration
Floral Candle Bowl Decoration
Blend Light With Fragrance!

You can also fill the glass or brass bowls with water & float tea-lights in it. Add flowers, colours or even coffee beans to create a unique Diwali home decoration at the entrance for welcoming guests. It gives a contemporary look and adds fragrance and charm to your home.

11. Fresh Furnishings

Fresh Furnishings
Bank on Silk for the Bling!

Your sofas & cushions need to get a colour update. When it comes to celebrations & festivals, nothing works better than the rich silk fabric. Silk cushions adorned with rich gold work carry sheer elegance to your decor. It not only adds colour to your home for a bright and vibrant feel but also adds texture to it. You can style your home the way you like. With all these details in place, Diwali home decoration is sure to fetch you loads of praises. It brightens your living spaces and adds a quick festive makeover to your home. To further know about ways to furnish your homes on festivals, read here:

12. Try Out this Lovely Diwali Decor Accessories 

Decor Accessories for Diwali
Diwali Decor Accessories

Ethnic Indian decor can be simply put together by placing brass statues and accessories on tables and corners. Placing together brass statues of different heights with beautiful votives holding diyas makes for a stunning centrepiece on tables. You can add flower petals of marigold and rose and add candles to enhance and brighten the décor accessories.

13. Diwali Decorations for Puja Room

Decorating Puja Room

Decorating Puja room is as important as decorating your homes for Diwali. Floral garlands are best for decorating temples. Hindu mythology gives importance to Dhanteras where diyas are lit in honour of goddess Lakshmi and that day is aimed at increasing wealth and prosperity. 

14. Unique Wall Hangings & Art Pieces Adds Charm to Your Diwali Decorations!

Wall Hangings for Diwali
Diwali wall hangings

Wall Hangings are one of the latest home decoration ideas which have become popular due to the ease of using them for Diwali Decorations. You can easily find beautiful Diwali wall hangings ranging from images of Goddess Laxmi to beautiful patterns. Making of the wall hangings in our homes can also prove to be an enjoyable DIY Diwali activity as a decor.

15. DIY Diwali Decors – A Paper Lampshades

DIY Paper Lampshades
Paper Lampshades this Lighten Up the Mood

It is very simple DIY for your Diwali decoration using paper. Draw a desired pattern on rectangular paper and cut the pieces through a scissor or prick it a compass to make a desired pattern. Now, fold the paper into cylindrical shape and stick it with glue. Place it above the lamp and light comes out through the patterned holes.

16. Brighten Your Rooms with Bottle Lights Hangings!

Bottle Lights
Creative Bottle Lights!

It is an easy DIY where we are going to make use to empty wine bottles and light up your interior this Diwali. All you need to do is put lights inside the bottle and close it with a corkscrew and you are done. Place it above the dining table. You can also make a chandelier out of it by joining it all together in a loop with the help of a support.  Additionally, you can also add candles inside the wine bottles with the support of a stand made out of wire. It will surely enhance and brighten up your spaces.

17. Lit Wine Bottles with Diwali Lights

Wine Bottle Lights

Light up your interiors with Lit wine bottles. It looks great when mixed up with a centerpiece. You can make it on your own if you have a glass wine bottle and string lights. You can also use them to give as a Diwali gift to your pal.

On a final note, Diwali decoration ideas are endless but, application is your choices… Enjoy this Diwali with various home decorations. You can also send the best Diwali wishes to your friends, family & guests by some creative homemade DIY gifts, cards & many more creative items!
We hope that you liked our article on Diwali decoration ideas. So be safe and enjoy the Diwali.

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