Indian Style of Décor: All you need to know

Bright, vivid and colourful… these are some terms which come to mind when we talk about Indian style home décor. Read on to gain an insight into the elements which make up this rich and vibrant style of décor.

The subcontinent of India is a huge country of many distinct characters. The Buddhist north is mountainous with a cold climate, and to the west are spread the farmlands and deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat which border the Arabian Sea. The Hindu south has the hottest climate and the most relaxed lifestyle, and the economy here is based around the traditional creative industries of textile printing and carving. The east has the River Ganges, jungles, mangrove swamps and Kolkata which is renowned for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals.

There is no such thing as one Indian style interior, but one thing all the regions of the subcontinent have in common is that they mix brilliant colours in ways that break all the Western rules defining ‘good taste’ and colour combining! The result is vibrant, energising and uniquely Indian.

Traditional Handicrafts

Colours are flung together with great confidence…rather gay abandon… and their impact is stunning. Different areas of India are famous for their skills in specific crafts such as embroidery, textile, printing, pottery or carpet weaving, but there is no area where most of these traditional skills are not practiced anyway.

Looking at more options for carpets, read the below article to choose your taste to match the interior design for living room Indian style.

Brilliant Work Indian Style Interior

It is clear from the dress, home decor Indian traditional style and jewellery of the craftspeople that produce these items that they have a genuine love for the patterns, colours and motifs they craft, even though they are poorly paid for the work that they do. Most of the work is produced for the home market.

Adoring Originals

Houses in cities are painted in brilliant colours; temples are adorned with carvings and bronze castings, and each festival generates a hive of industries producing all the necessary deities, offerings and accessories that are needed for a proper celebration.

Weather you opt for any western decor theme, people always choose for Indian Style interior for worship area. Here are hacks to beautify Pooja Room using simple home decor ideas Indian style.  

Seeking Out Indian Style Home Décor

Radiant Textile

Many of the styles that the world recognises as their own have their origins in India. The paisley shawl, floral chintz, Madras check, Provencal prints and damask cottons all originally came from India. Nowadays several charitable organisations have` Fair Trade arrangements with communities of craftspeople in India who supply goods directly for sale in their high street shops, so it is really easy to buy genuine handmade accessories, textiles and ornaments to give a right India style room decor. 

Clay Decor Items

Apart from pottery work, clay is expertly used in making handloom vase, frames. Out of all, kutchhi mirror frames in high in demands. For elevating wall decor in Indian style, clay mirror frames are easy available in the markets.

Fantastic Fabric

The sari stores found in the local shops of Asian communities sell lengths of fabric ranging from plain vibrant muslins for everyday wear to the finest exquisitely embroidered cloth for wedding saris. Sari lengths are ideal for draping over curtain poles at windows or as exotic drapes for a four-poster bed that adds the taste of Indian traditional style interior design.

You will find that most paint companies produce vibrant colour ranges. Choose the mainstream emulsion paints for children’s rooms, where Indian-style brilliant colour schemes are always sure to find an appreciative audience. Alternatively you could buy a Mediterranean style paint that dries to leave an authentic powdery bloom will also portray the concept of interior design for living room Indian Style.


Conclusively, the key element of the Indian Style home decor look is to incorporate all kinds of brilliant colours. Red, blue and pink colours on a wall defy notions of Western decorating taste, but when combined with bindi stamps and patterned border they create an amazing impact!

This was all about the Indian Style Home Decor. But your search doesn’t end here. The ideas of home decoration are as infinite as space. Have a walk through below article and get a glimpse of trending perks of home decor.

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