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Diwali is around the corner, and it is that time of the year when you must put your brain to work to outdo yourself with Diwali home décor. If you do not pay attention to Diwali light ideas, your home décor will never be up to the mark. Lights must be prioritised in your décor; after all, Diwali is the festival of lights. Put some extra effort into conjuring up a lighting-driven décor that will make a lasting impression.

Well, Diwali lighting decorations have become quite easier because the market has evolved from traditional clay lamps to a range of dias made up of various materials and designs. All you have to do is take a day off and stroll down the market or simply surf online and put together an ensemble that suits your taste.

In this article, Gharpedia will attempt to make your Diwali lighting stand out from the rest as we help you figure out some of the most bankable Diwali light ideas, a mixed bag of both traditional and modern.

Clay Lamps Lighting Option For Your Diwali

Clay Lamps Lighting Option for your Diwali

First and foremost, in our list of lighting options for your Diwali this year, like every year, is our very own, humble clay lamp. These dias can be terracotta or ceramic; do not bother much about them, but make sure you pick some of them to give your home a truly festive feel. Intricately designed elaborate dias too have made it to the market of late. If you are experimental, play with colours and patterns and pick the one that catches your eye.

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Diwali Lighting Ideas With Electric Strings

Diwali Lighting Ideas with Electric Strings

How can Diwali be complete without those string lights welcoming your guests at the entrance? Innovative and aesthetically appealing miniature fairy lights have flooded the market already. Choose from the vast range of Diwali decorative light options available. Pick horizontal laying ones or hanging strings; it is completely up to your choice and the character of the space. But, do have a few of these beauties at hand. From cherry blossoms to simple Edison bulbs, the options in string lights and miniature lights are so many that you may get a little confused. If you have extra fairy lights, put them to good use by simply using them to write words like love, life, laugh etc and see how your guests respond to this creative lighting idea.

Lantern Diwali Lights For Home

Lantern Diwali Lights For Home

Give your home a regale touch this Diwali by hanging or simply placing some Lantern with tea-light holders on the floor. These elegant-looking lantern lights for Diwali decoration in copper finish add sophistication to any space that they are made to be part of. Choose a corner of your home, place them with some fragrant candles lite inside, and enjoy the patterns on the wall formed by the shadow of the lantern.

Diwali Light Decoration Ideas With Glass Artifacts

Diwali Light Decoration Ideas with Glass Artifacts

If you are one of those kinds who love glass articles at home, lay your hands on some glass lighting options. From hanging mason jars of various sizes to long champagne bottles, the Diwali lighting ideas are only getting better each year. Arrange these lights and fill them up with LED light strings to illuminate a space. Some are available with in-built lighting, making your job easier.

LEDs – Lights For Diwali Decoration

Leds - Lights for Diwali Decoration

Several manufacturers have been producing decorative LED diyas that come in handy during festivals. There are LED diyas with water sensor technology, which is quite a fascinating innovation to try this Diwali. These LED Diwali lights for home come in various forms: traditional plastic diyas, decorative glass diyas, or colourful floral diyas. You can place them in water. What is fascinating is that all it takes is just one spoon of water to keep this diya lighting for 48 hours, as claimed by the makers. Apart from LED diyas, other lighting options for Diwali are LED crystal bubble ball string fairy lights, LED rope Diwali light, cherry blossom tree LED lights, Litehom Moroccan Ball String lights, LED star curtain string lights, decorative diya curtain LED lights, Party props LED Diwali lights, etc.

Metallic Lighting – Sustainable Lighting Option for Your Diwali

Metallic Lighting - Sustainable Lighting Option for your Diwali
Metallic Lighting Lotus

Apart from the above-mentioned lanterns, there are many varieties of metallic lighting options available. The most preferred and most popular are these metallic-finish lotuses that can be placed on the floor. These come with long stands at varied heights. These are usually placed in clusters. There are hanging lotus variants too available on the market that come with a suspended metal chain. You can simply burlap the chain with some fresh marigold and let the lotus hanging spell magic.

Decorative Diwali Lamps Of Coconut Shells

Decorative Diwali Lamps of Coconut Shells

Yes, you heard it right. Purchase coconut shell diya to satiate the nature lover in you. It may work out to be expensive, but having just a couple of them can be a good investment because the sizes of these candles are comparatively larger than other diyas. They have scented candles filled inside, which means even after the festival is over, you can still use them at home for your soothing “aroma therapy” sessions.

Solar Diyas – Best Decorative Lights for Diwali

Solar Diyas - Best Decorative Lights for Diwali

Harness the power of the sun this Diwali. There are many solar-powered diyas available on the market that you can contemplate buying. These eliminate the task of pouring oil and changing the wick. However, there is more to it. Using these diyas means it is clean energy that is lighting up your home.

DIY Diwali Lighting Decorations

Colourful Lantern - DIY Diwali Lighting Decorations
DIY Coloured Clay Lanterns

If you have an artist hidden inside you or if you want to engage in some fun activities with your kids, go on a mission to make some DIY lighting for this Diwali. Pick some clay lamps and get your hands dirty with colours. Paint them till you faint! Explore the tailoring supply stores, pick some blingy embellishments, and put them on your diyas to jazz the diyas and your Diwali too.

Pick some handmade papers and make your own skylight (Akash Kandil). Paint it, cut it, or stick embellishments on it; the choice is yours. The aim is to have fun doing something productive.

Give Personal Touch To Diwali Lighting

Photo Hanger Diwali Lighting

How about making Diwali a chance to let your friends have a closer peek into your life? Pick your favourite picture, may it be from vacations, your wedding, your child’s first birthday, or the first day of school; that simply doesn’t matter. Pick the pictures you would want your friends to look at. Once that is done, take a clothesline and wooden cloth clips. Arrange the picture on the clothesline using the clips. Now intertwine a string of fairy lights along the clothesline and hang it anywhere in your home during the Diwali party. Let your guests relish that yummy Diwali food while having a look at the highlights of your life.

Neon Lights – Best Light for Diwali Decoration

Neon Lights Diwali Lighting

It is a great idea to invest in some neon lights that read something. “Good vibes,” “home sweet home,” or simply “Happy Diwali,” some writing on the wall will make the vibe of your home festive. This can be a great lighting idea that can create magic when combined with other décor elements like flowers or rangoli. Give it a try.

We hope this article has helped you make a great Diwali lighting choice. However, at the end of the day, it is all about celebrating the arrival of light in our lives. Play the creative game with these Diwali light ideas and watch everyone turn green with envy looking at the way your home sparkles this Diwali.

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