9 Diwali Party Ideas to Host the Best Get-Together This Year


Diwali is not just a festival that revolving around prayers and rituals. For many, it is the time to catch up with friends and have some gala time, relaxing and reminiscing about some good old memories too.

Many people seize this opportunity to invite friends and family over for a dinner party. If you are contemplating the same, then you need to spare some thought about the decor of your house, because after all, your guests must feel welcomed and comfortable in your home.

Hosting a party involves a lot of planning and meticulous execution. It can be worrisome to do all of that in one go. So, relax and read this article, because Gharpedia is listing out Diwali party ideas for you to host one of the finest and most well-planned parties.

Diwali Party Ideas for this Year

Let’s get going.

01. Welcoming Entrance for Diwali Party

Welcoming Entrance

When you invite friends over, make sure the energy of the home feels very welcoming and friendly, beginning from the entrance of your home. Keep a placard that reads something as simple as “Welcome to You All” or just “Happy Diwali Folks.” This can set the mood for what to expect inside the house. Jazz up the entrance of the house with marigold streamers. You can opt to plant two long wooden clubs in pots and burlap the clubs with a combination of two different coloured marigolds. Here, we insist on marigold because it is supposed to be auspicious and integral to Diwali. If you like some other flower, you can go ahead and use that one.

02. Living Room Decoration for Diwali Party

Living Room Decoration

That’s the space most of your friends will spend time talking, debating and breaking into bouts of loud laughters during Diwali party. The decor of the living space is crucial. Always plan a decor keeping in mind the space available and the number of people who may arrive at the party. Keep the space breathable, and do not overdo things.

03. Diwali Party Decoration for Balcony

Balcony Decoration

Well, that is the favourite go-to place of almost all the guests during a party. You can opt for decor that oozes Diwali vibes. Using this space for lighting is the most popular Diwali party decoration idea. For safety purposes, it is always better to use electric lighting like string lights over oil lamps. Jazz up the place with lanterns, paper lamps yarn ball lights, or simple fairy lights. Opt for floor seating arrangements and use the corners to place embellishments. If the balcony is spacious, you are sorted, but think wisely when space is a constraint.

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04. Decorating the Dining Area for Diwali Party

Dining Area Decoration

Well, it is just a table but during Diwali house parties, this table becomes the centre of attraction. So, make it the best table on earth! Keep your menu ready and roll out a colourful table runner. Use earthen utensils to present your sweets. You can opt for sustainable materials like bamboo baskets too. Give some twist to the stepped Tea light holders. Why not use the tree-shaped Tea light holders to stand elegantly in the middle of the table, holding ladoos? Try this out.

05. Decorate the Spacious Corner for Diwali Party

Spacious Corner Decoration

We all have that corner of the house that is airy, but there is no specific use for it. Utilise this space to put up your panipuri counter, or a sweet corner, or your bar counter. Let this space be the life of your Diwali party. Make a spread out of varied condiments for children and adults. Make a list of some fun elements, like cotton candies, panipuri, chocolates and the like, and make it a haven of childhood memories.

06. Floor that Can Floor Your Guests

Floor Seating for Guest

The floor happens to be one of those elements in the house that can make or doom your Diwali party decor. Imagine having the decor spot on and then your guests walk on the floor that is not party-ready. Well, let that not happen. Pick some colourful, yet elegant rugs or dhurries and place them under your center tables, or your dining table, or on the balcony. It brings a subtle touch of elegance to the space, completing your Diwali party decoration. Do not forget to make some beautiful rangoli at the main entrance of your home and the entrance of the puja room.

07. Make a Photobooths for Diwali Party at Home

Photobooth for Diwali Party

How about making your Diwali party even more memorable by clicking some fun pictures? Do not confine yourself to those selfies on mobiles using filters. Make a creative photobooth at home. Place some fun party props and let your guests go crazy.

08. Terrace – Most Breathtaking Idea for Diwali Party Decor

Terrace Decoration

The terrace is the most appealing place for the Diwali party. You can make beautiful seating arrangements using couches and cushions. A string of lights and a hanging lantern will give an amazing vibe to your Diwali party. You can give the final touch by placing a water-resistant rug on the floor that will allows you to place comfortable furniture. 

09. Garden Decoration for Diwali Party

Garden Decoration

The garden is one of the most go-to places for any party. Make some creative seating for guests. You can illuminate the trees surrounding your garden with string lights and a spotlight. Keep your dinner buffet outdoors and enjoy the Gala event with your guests.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Hosting Diwali Party at Home

Diwali Party Checklist

Moving a little away from decor, let us now look at the necessary things to do before hosting a Diwali party. Well, plan your party in advance and scan the following checklist.

01. Plan Your Decor

Do not settle for last minute decor. Plan your decor and outsource the work you think you will not be able to do.

02. Prepare a Guest List

The most important thing to do is to know whom you will invite. When you leave this part for tomorrow, you may end up missing that one dear friend you wanted to spend some quality time with.

03. Plan Your Menu

Decide on a menu; starting from the welcome drink to desserts. Having a clear idea about the dishes to be served will make the party sail off swiftly.

04. Make a Digital Invite

Well, ditch the idea of calling everyone personally and inviting them over for the Diwali party. There are many apps available that make personalized digital cards. Pick a template and send these beautiful cards to invite your friends.

05. Set the Mood

With the floral and lighting decor, do not forget to play with some fragrance to set the mood. Use aroma oil diffusers, fragrant candles, or room fresheners to keep the space smelling good.

06. Have Some Fun Elements

Include some fun elements in your party. Do not allow your party to become fragmented, with different groups having chit-chats. Have fun games like Anthakshari, Ludo, Uno, Housie, etc.

07. Playlist

Create a party playlist in advance so that there is no break in the party vibe.

08. Gifts

Decide your gifts in advance. It is always thoughtful to give a small token of love and appreciation to your guests. It can range from something as simple as fragrant candles to something very exquisite. That depends on you.

Try out these Diwali party ideas at your home and tell us if your guests enjoyed the Diwali party you hosted.

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above:

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