Elegant and Easy Flower Decoration Ideas for Diwali


Flowers play an important role in any Indian festival. Though Diwali, the most-awaited festival of India is all about lights, flowers add to its glory. Our Diwalis are incomplete without flowers, may it be garlands that adorn the idols of gods and goddesses or the flowers that make the part of the décor.

In this article, we will look at some wonderful décor ideas for Diwali using flowers. So, let’s start.

Before you start decorating your home with flowers, identify the spots you will decorate and decide the variety of flowers and the quantity you need. Randomly walking into a flower shop and guessing the varieties and quantities will leave you in a tight spot later.

Presumably, your main door, entryway, foyer, sitting area, Puja room, stairs, and balconies are the ideal locations to decorate using flowers.

01. Entryway

Flower Decoration at Entryway
Decorate the Edges with Flowers

If you have a long entryway, you can simply décor the edges with flowers to make the entire setup look welcoming. You can use the whole flowers or just the petals to decorate the edges of the entryway. The choice of flower is completely left up to your taste. Avoid having large murals in the middle of the path. This can obstruct the guests. Having a simple design, like the one shown in the image can be hassle-free.

02. Main Door

Decorate the main door with Flowers
Flower Décor on Main Door

It is a ritual to decorate the main door of the house during festivals, in Indian homes. Sticking to this tradition, give it your best and try something more than just hanging the Toran. You can have small Rangoli at the foot of the main door, along with the traditional torans.

03. Foyer Area

Flower Décor for Foyer Space
Flower Décor for Foyer Space

Every foyer space will invariably have a console table. Focus on that table. If you want an elaborate décor, you can burlap the foot of the table with flowers or go for floral lace pattern along the edges. However, we suggest keeping the décor in this space light and breathable. Pick a large sized vase and throw in some strands of orchids, angel’s trumpets, Calla Lily, carnation etc. You can amplify the look with long footed candle holders or placing floor lanterns of varied sizes. You can also use to make small round floral motifs on nested tables.

04. Living Room

Flower Décor in Living Room
Flower Décor in Living Room

Utilize the plain walls to hang flower danglers. Jazz up the Jharoka on the wall with oil lamps and flower décor. The side tables can have hug vases filled with flowers. The centre table can flaunt a small floral Rangoli with stepped lamp at the centre. Your living room gives you ample scope to use flowers for decoration. It all depends on the nature of your living room and your creativity. If you have a window in your living room, you can use it hang curtain of flowers.

05. Puja Room

Flower Décor in Puja Room

Your Puja room décor should be a class apart because all your guests will visit this place to seek the devine blessings for sure. If your Puja room is small, stick to minimal floral décor at the entrance of the Puja space. You can have some wall hanging floral latkans to spruce up the space. However, if you have a spacious Puja room, then you are lucky. Do not light up lamps at the spot where guests will stand or bow down during prayers. Keep the lamp near the idols of gods and goddesses and the rest of the space can be used to decorate with flowers. A floral Rangoli at the entrance of the Puja room will add to the festive vibe. You can brighten up your Diwali with the best rangoli design ideas. Use toran of different flowers at the entrance, Stick to making floral murals along the edges of the wall so that you have enough space to stand while prayers.

06. Stairs

Flower Décor on Stairs

Stairs are the most versatile spaces when it comes to decoration. You can stick to simple danglers or burlaps along the staircase or opt for something unusual. It is totally up to your taste. Try utilizing the right angles of the steps to accommodate some murals. Your guests are going to love it.

07. Balconies

Flower Décor in Balcony
Flower Décor in Balcony

Let your balconies speak of your festive spirit as you decorate this space with some floral décor. Use the railings of the balcony to hold floral danglers. Use the vertical walls to hold vertical dangling floral garlands with diyas. Draw some beautiful murals on the floor and you seem to be sorted. U can simply place some antique stepped diya on the Rangoli or use the two visible corners of the balcony to have floral murals.

08. Choosing a Flower

Traditional Flowers for Diwali

Well, there are many florists selling exquisite flowers in the market, but Diwali is not exactly about displaying just about any flower. Diwali is a festival which is deep-rooted in culture. So, it is always better to stick to traditional flowers, which symbolize the spirit of Diwali. Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, rose, Mogra, Marigold, Lotus and Harsingar are some flowers that are closely associated with this festival. Couple them up with mango leaves, Pan leaves, Tulsi petals to give a glorious touch to your floral décor.

Remember to always purchase fresh flowers and buy them in the morning. Use clean Urlis and vases to place the flowers.

You can use artificial flowers for décor, but be ready to compromise on the look and sophistication that real, fresh flowers can bring. Maintain the freshness of flower by following simple steps such as keeping the stem diagonally cut and removing the leaves that go under the level of water. Spray water on the flowers occasionally and keep them away from direct sun.

09. Incorporating Flowers in Your Décor

Incorporating Flowers in Your Décor

Flowers bring positivity and hence it is a meaningful practice to add flowers to your Diwali décor.

There are a numerous ways of doing this. You can simply pick some floral garlands and use it according to your convenience. However, if you want to do something different, you can try out:

i. Floral Rangoli

Floral Rangoli

Not just on the floors, top sit on your centre table and Dining area. Draw more of traditional motifs like Swastik and Om, along with other floral patterns.

ii. Floating Floral Delight

Floating Floral Urli

Take a large Urli with water and place the flowers in desired patterns, along with candles.

iii. Incorporate Lights and Flowers

Ready-made Diwali Decors

There are many ready-made Diwali decors available in the market.

iv. Incorporating Flowers with Other Décor

Incorporating Flowers with Other Décor

Use multi-coloured ribbon or balloons with flowers. If you have traditional dangling diyas or bells, burlap the hanging chain with flowers. Put your creativity to work and enhance the beauty of your home this way.

Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness. Why not welcome the divine light into your lives with the fragrance of beautiful flowers? This Diwali makes sure that you do not just welcome the light, but you also bring in colours into your life with this floral décor.

Besides these flower decoration ideas, we have some of the amazing Diwali decoration ideas to try out for your homes:

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home: 15 Ideas to Try This Diwali

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