Exclusive Sofa Designs for Living Room

A sofa forms one of the centerpieces of any living room. Often the other furniture one selects revolves around the sofa set selected for the room. A sofa set is a combination of utility, comfort as well as a statement of decor. Therefore, selecting a sofa set should be a marriage of all the different factors. A sofa set can be blended in with the color pattern or decor of the room, or can be used for making a bold statement in terms of style.

Exclusive Sofa Designs

Things to Consider while Selecting a Sofa Set

In the modern market, there are a large number of available choices when it comes to picking out a sofa set. Each of the different types of sofa sets are designed to satisfying one or more of the different criteria amongst comfort, design and utility. The following points should be considered carefully before deciding on a particular sofa set design.

01. Deciding on the Correct Design

The first task in selecting a sofa set is deciding which sofa design is most appropriate for the customer in question. There are a number of factors to consider while picking out exclusive sofa designs. The primary of which is the number of people expected to be accommodated in the sofa set. Large families are more suited towards the sectional sofa types, which have two or more components to the set and comes in the U or L shapes. In living rooms belonging to single persons or roommates, it is often best to consider two-seater or multiple single seater sofas.

02. Considering the Size of the Living Room

An obvious factor which is to be considered while selecting a sofa is the size of the living room. A sofa set can occupy the center or a corner of the living room, but it is necessary to maintain the adequate floor space for communication between different parts of the room. Therefore, an appropriate sized sofa set design should be chosen.

03. Selecting the Material for the Sofa Upholstery

This is an important factor while considering the comfort and durability factors of the sofa. For customers who prioritize the comfort factor the most, it is essential to pick out materials which have a higher comfort factor, particularly softer fabrics and soft foam types. In cases of living rooms designed towards hosting large number of people as in parties, the focus is kept on appearances, easier maintenance and durability. This can be achieved by using materials such as faux leather and synthetic materials which provide an easier to clean surface and are more durable than natural and softer fabrics.

04. Colour Scheme

The sofa fabric can be selected based on the natural color scheme of the room, providing a blending in appearance with the rest of the furniture. Customers can also pick out a bold design, which deviates from the natural outlook of the room, and makes a style statement.

A sofa is the centre of attraction of a room. It is not only a furniture of utility, but also it serves an aesthetic purpose. The sofa connects the entire theme and look of the décor of one’s room. Furthermore, people spend most of their time relaxing on the sofa, either with a loved one, or alone. It is also where the guests are entertained. Thus, one must always be cautious while buying a sofa, and consider some important factors.
The things to consider if one is buying top-rated sofas in India, they should always consider the following factors,

(a) Size

The most important thing that one should consider while buying a sofa, is the size of the sofa. The sofa should be compatible with the size of the room, and also the number of people in the family. The sofa should fit in the room in such a manner, that there remains some room for movement around it. Otherwise, the room ends up looking very cramped and smaller than it actually is.

(b) Placement

Different individuals like their sofa to be placed in different ways. Some people prefer it to face the television. There are also some people who do not approve of a television in the living room area and face the sofa towards a bookshelf or the kitchen. Thus, the placement of the sofa should be considered before buying a sofa. The dimensions of every corner of the room is not same, and thus the measurement of the sofa should be done in accordance with the dimensions of the area where it is to be placed.

(c) Build of the Sofa

The build of the sofa quite literally forms the backbone of the sofa. It determines the durability of the sofa, and also its overall look. Hardwoods sofas have the longest durability. Many sellers often provide lifetime warranty with their sofas to emphasise on the quality of the build. Many people also opt for metal or plywood builds for their sofas, if they want it to be easy to move around. Thus, one should always consider the build of the sofa according to their own individual needs.

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(d) Upholstery Material

The upholstery material is one of the major things to be considered while one is buying a sofa. It decides the overall feel and look of the sofa. Upholstery materials which are fabric based like linen, cotton etc. are considered to be homier and more casual. On the other hand, materials like leather, and velvet are more professional and elegant in their finish. However, it is often advised to opt out of faux leather in hot countries like India. The sweat and the climate makes the material wither easily.

While picking out the perfect design for your living room can be a time-consuming task, a well selected sofa set can change the outlook of any living room. It is necessary to try out a number of designs and colour palettes before selecting on a particular option. This can be done on various websites such as urbanladder, D-décor, Ikea, pepperfry, etc.. which contain a large collection of different types of sofa sets.
Thus, buying sofas can be a very intimidating task. There are a lot of ways in which one can overlook things. This list of things to consider will help one to be on track while they are buying latest sofas in India.

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