Different Types of Chairs For Your Living Room!


Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘chairs’ as a seat typically having the legs and a back for one person. It’s interesting that following this simple definition we have around us so many variations of this basic type of furniture. There are different types of chairs that you must know before you plan for your home furniture.

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For every activity that we do while sitting our comfortable postures needed are different and so the types of chairs, we need for the same should also be differently designed! For instance, a dining chair cannot be used for relaxing and vice versa. It is for the same reason that, more than colour and material it is the usage which makes one chair different from another.
The most basic use of the chair is to relax. The chairs that are meant for sitting comfortably and relaxing are mostly used in Living Areas and are designed to provide the users a cozy and comfortable seating experience. As comfort is the prime factor in the design of these chairs, it’s important to understand the “comfortable human sitting posture” to choose the right types of chairs for a living room.
The important anthropometric factors for a chair design are its height, width, armrest, backrest, seat angle, chair depth, upholstery, shape etc.

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Place your Chair Correctly

Together with the correct chair design, it is also important to place it correctly with respect to the other home furniture and objects. The key factors in determining the correct placement of chairs are its Use and Circulation.

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The distance between the furniture is also important. For instance, if a set of chairs are to be placed in a living room opposite each other than the distance between the two chairs should provide enough space to keep a center table between them.
The minimum clearance between the center table and chairs should be around 50 cm (20 inch) for comfortable seating and easy circulation. Similarly, the minimum clearance between a chair and a TV. Unit should be in accordance with the size of the TV and its height from the ground as explained in the image below.

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Types of Living Room Chairs

When it comes to living room furniture, most of us only think of Sofas and couches. But these being the primary furniture can always be complemented with the right types of chairs. Chairs in Living Areas serve as additional seating spaces. These are generally upholstered to provide comfort while sitting.
Besides adding a secondary seating area, Chairs also help to add a contrast colour, fabric, and character to the room. The living room chairs many times are also called Accent Chairs as they stand out and add a different flavour to the room décor!
How well the chairs fit in your Living Room functionally as well as aesthetically depends on the types of chairs you select. Here is a list of a few chairs to help you choose the right one for your Living Room.

The different types of Living Room Chairs can be broadly categorized into 2 categories – armchairs and armless chairs.  

(a) Armchairs

As the name suggests armchairs are the chairs with armrests. These are further categorized into varied types. Few of these are:-

01. Club Chairs: 

Club Chairs are the armchairs with deeper seating which makes them very comfortable for sitting. The club chairs originated in France but are now used all across the world. These are usually covered in leather and have a nailhead trim.

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02. Bergere Chairs:

The Bergere Chairs are enclosed upholstered wooden chairs, where the wooden framing, except that of the seat, is exposed. These chairs are always with loose cushions which give these otherwise formal chairs, an informal look.

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03. Barrel Chairs:

Barrel Chairs like its other variants are too designed to provide a comfortable place to sit and relax. This type of chair has a rounded high back and its arms also have rounded edges. The round back support appears like the back of the barrel and so these chairs are named accordingly.

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04. Wingback Chairs:

The Wingback chairs are chairs with tall back and winged sides. The heft and size of chairs impart it a very royal appearance and also make them very heavy to move around in the room. And so they should be placed in a living area in a way that it doesn’t need to be shifted on a regular basis.

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05. Chair & a Half: 

As the name suggests it is an extended chair offering greater seat width. It serves as a sofa as well as a chair. The wider seat makes it more comfortable, multifunctional and perfect for lounging.

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(b) Armless Chairs

Opposite to the armchairs, this category of chairs doesn’t have armrests. Few of these are:-

01. Slipper Chairs: 

Slipper Chairs are armless upholstered chairs with short legs. They can fit in small spaces because of the petite silhouette. They were named so as they were initially used by women to wear their slippers or shoes. It’s because of the same reason that these chairs have a feminine appearance and short height. Besides Living areas, these can also be used in Bedrooms.

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02. Side Chairs:

Side Chairs are simple armless chairs with mostly an upholstered seat. They can also be used at the sides of a dining table and are so-called side chairs. If space is a constraint than these chairs are a perfect choice because they are sleek and can fit in small spaces.

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03. Occasional Chairs:

The characteristic feature of this chair is its lightweight which helps to change the placement of the chair as per the occasion. These are multipurpose in nature and can be used as additional seating during gatherings or parties.

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All these types of chairs further come in many categories in terms of design, material, details, colour, pattern, and fabric. With so many options to choose from it becomes very difficult to select the best chair. Some chairs are more comfortable and some are aesthetically more pleasing. But you can make this choice correctly if you have a good understanding of which types of chairs are suitable for which space and use! Hopefully, this article will help you whenever next time you want to select a chair for your living room.

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