Measure yourself for a Better Posture before buying Furniture!!!

Have you ever thought of a better posture or whether your furniture suits your size or that of your neighbour ???
Discomfort at home and work because of wrong sizes of our furniture design is a major and growing concern leading to even serious health issues like back pain, neck pain, spine pain etc. The Comfort of your furniture is highly dependent on how well it suits your body better posture and body proportions. A fat and a thin man can never feel comfortable on the chair of the same width and similarly, a tall and short man can’t be comfortable on the chair of the same height as it can cause neck pain, spine pain, back pain or leg pain to your body.

Better Posture to Avoid Pain

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Not everyone is of the same size and so like custom-made clothes we should have custom-made furniture sizes, which fits our body proportions. For custom-made furniture and a better posture, the first thing you need to do is measure yourself!

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Here are the important better postures which will help you to design comfortable furniture.

01. Sitting:

It is the most basic posture in an anthropometry and also the most important one. Most of our furniture sizes depend on our sitting postures.
The comfortable sitting posture varies with the type of work and duration of sitting. So the furniture sizes also change respectively. Besides being designed for the same person the size of an office chair varies from that of a dining or a relaxation chair.  Below are the common sitting postures important for designing everyday furniture.

Courtesy - smallhousemodels

Courtesy - Human Dimension & Interior Space

For designing comfortable furniture, which is used by multiple people like a multi-seated sofa, dining table, conference tables, etc. as depicted in figures below, it is important to study human postures to determine the spacing between adjacent seats.

Courtesy - Human Dimension & Interior Space

02. Standing:

The standing posture helps to determine the height of various furniture like Display Units, kitchen platforms, bar counters, wardrobes etc.

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03. Reaching:

The comfortable height of certain furniture also depend upon the reaching postures. A reaching posture can be made both while sitting and standing. The most important furniture dependent on reaching postures is storage units.

Courtesy - sozostudio

04. Moving:

Moving postures determine the clearances between furniture to provide comfortable circulation. It also plays a very important role in designing furniture for public places like shopping markets, Libraries and even in kitchen or small size room, etc.

Courtesy - Human Dimension & Interior Space

For a healthy, happy and relaxed life it’s important to feel comfortable and to feel comfortable we must have a comfortable furniture. Besides these major four postures described above there are many other which effect furniture design. And so you and your designer must take care of it before choosing, buying or designing your next piece of furniture for a better posture!
When you buy, see that who in the family is going to use it most! Also try to do justice to all in family when it is an article intended for all! You have to be more careful when you share it i.e. both spouse uses it or you use it along with the children, etc!

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