5 Steps to Restore the Old Cane Chairs of Your House!

You might be wondering about your set of old cane chairs in your house which has lost its sheen and natural colour, what else we do to make it look better?
The wicker furniture is being popular for its unique look and ability to withstand the amount of wear and tear. Basically, this type of furniture consists of light weight wooden pieces of “Cane”, are weave together to create a pattern of interlaced (crisscross pattern) wood which is light weight but strong. People often use the cane furniture for their outdoor patios because it does not warp and dries out as fast as possible. However, these cane are not invincible & eventually need to restore and rejuvenate them. Here are the tips which you can follow to restore and remodel the old cane or rattan furniture.

Cane Furniture

If you want an instant and economic solution, then we have the 2 different solutions describe below:
If you want to retouch or refresh your cane chairs then…
First, you’ll need…

Copper, silver powdersRags (piece of old cloth)
VarnishMedium sized Brush

Step -1:

Clean all the dust from your old cane chairs.

Cleaning Old Cane furniture

Step – 2:

Mix copper powder with clear polish and varnish as shown in the figure.

Mixing copper powder with clear polish varnish for Cane furniture

Step – 3:

Apply this paste by using a rag (piece of old cloth) or by brush on your cane chairs or any rattan furniture.

Polishing the Cane furniture

Step – 4:

Highlight the cane lashings with silver to make it look as if the pieces have ties with silver.

Applying silver as a highlighter to the lashings of Cane furniture

Step – 5:

You can also add upholstery with a cushion for comfort and elegant view of your wicker furniture.

Adding Upholstery or cushion on Cane furniture

If you want to paint your cane furniture then you have to use wood primer and oil based paint called wood enamel paint.

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