8 Steps for Painting Wicker Furniture of Your House!


Do you have a old set of cane/ rattan furniture in your house which need to remodel (the old look). Then you have a two options for it, painting wicker furniture according to the theme of internal or exterior colour or of your choice is the first option and second option is to give a polished look by retaining its natural colour.

The Paint on cane or rattan furniture that has usually used for outdoor patios may began to peel & flake off. You can refinish your old wicker or rattan furniture by removing old finish and painting wicker furniture with an oil base or latex paint.
Here we have given the tips for painting wicker furniture of your house!

Painted Cane furniture

First you’ll need…

Sand paper or Emery paper (180 & 320)Rag (piece of old cloth)Newspaper
Mixing mugWood primerWood enamel (oil based paint)

Steps to Paint your Old Cane or Rattan or Wicker Furniture

01. For painting wicker furniture, first put on the old clothes and wear a mask if you are not habituated to a strong smell of primer or paint. We also suggest to use safety glass for your eyes and you can also covered your nose by using cloth instead of mask.

02. Set up your work area by spreading the sheets of newspaper at the place where you are going to paint (outside or inside the house) which would be well ventilated and place your cane or rattan furniture on top of it.

03. Now use the emery sheet / sandpaper and rub the furniture to remove the old paint / varnish/ dirt etc. This process of scrubbing may allow more dust, the more you scrub better would be the finish.

04. The smooth surface is now allow for a primer coat. Buy a wood primer from a store & simply follow the instructions given on the Wood Primer Can by mixing it with required quantity of thinner in an old mug.

Note:  Primer can only be removed by using thinner, so be ensure that you have adequate amount of thinner before starting your work. To achieve good finish, first take amount of primer on brush and be ensure that it is not dripping off.

05. Apply the primer coat & dry it for about 24 hours before you apply second coat and follow the same procedure as you did for the first coat.

06. As both the coat get dried, rub the entire surface with sandpaper (of about 180 grade) to get the finish smoother.

07. Now mix small quantity of (oil base or latex paint) paint with thinner (for this just follow the ratio specified on the container) & apply it on furniture. Let it get completely dried to apply the another coat.

Note: You can also apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

08. As both coats have dried out then apply one coat of varnish or wood sealer. By applying this it will protect the chair from dirt / dust and help to retain the paint.

Following given steps for painting wicker furniture will not only refinish your cane or rattan or wicker furniture but will also give a new & attractive look to your outdoors!

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