Rescue Mission: 9 Steps to Rejuvenate Old Wooden Stool


You might get bored of looking your old wooden stool in a same form and appearance!!! And yeah, it’s true! What creative you can do to rejuvenating or remodeling your old wooden stool from your scrap yard? Here we have tried to give you an economic solution for it in a creative way to use your old wooden stool!

Rejuvenate Old Wooden Stool

For example, if you have an old wooden stool, which somehow you found that is now becomes too old & dull and you want to remodel it. Just follow the simple steps given below to refurbished furniture, you will definitely feel creative and unique after reading this article!

Old Wooden Stool & Natural fallen leaves

You’ll need the following things…

Furniture – old stoolWhite glueTurpentine
Naturally fallen leaves which you like the most!A pair of scissorsRag (old piece of cloth)
Oil paint (matt or glossy)Gold or silver spray paintNewspaper
A flat brushVarnish

Here are the tips which will rejuvenate the old wooden stool of your house:

Step 1

First simply spread the newspaper on the floor and place the old stool over it. Paint the stool with glossy or matt oil paint of your choice. If you select the shade of black or brown colour will serve you better look!

Paint the Stool

Step 2

Start painting from the top to the bottom of the stool and leave the paint to get dry for about 2 hours.

Painting from top to Bottom

Step 3

Now Collect the fallen leaves (which are your favourite) from your garden. Ensure that it should be reasonably flat because you are applying it over a stool surface. Clean the leaves and cut off the stems.

Sticking Leaves on Surface of Stool

Step 4

Place the leaves on top of the stool by creating an interesting pattern or in a simple way as shown in figure. Apply the white glue on it to stick the leaves with its veins facing upward!
You can create any pattern of your choice!

Arrange the leave with veins upward - Any Pattern

Step 5

When applying glue make sure that the leaves get firmly stuck and are absolutely flat!

Be sure that leave get fully stucked on surface of stool and ready for spray

Step 6

Once the glue gets dried out, spray the leaves with silver or gold paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Spray gold & silver on top of stool surface

Step 7

Now prepare a mixture of white glue with water and its consistency should be such that it is easily spreadable!

Add water to the white glue to spread it over stool surface

Step 8

Apply this mixture one coat on the stool surface and allow it to get dry for a one night. The protective coat will ensure that the stool surface is flat and smooth.

Apply this paste over the stool surface perfectly

Step 9

Now you can apply a thin layer of varnish over the coat of glue & water for an additional protection!

Apply additional coat of varnish as a protective layer

Following these remodelling steps your old wooden stool is ready with a new look…!!!

Image Courtesy:  Neha Mithbawkar & Bhushan Kavatlar

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