Choose the Right Fabric for Your Bean Bag Chairs!

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Now-a-days the bean bag chairs are increasingly becoming popular. Bean bag furniture is part of room accessories that are commonly used in this modern world and they’re easy to find, as this listicle of best bean bags on Architecture Lab beautifully illustrates.
Bean bag is a sealed bag containing dried beans, PVC pellets, expanded polypropylene or expanded polystyrene, with various applications. A giant bean bag can also be used as a cheap alternative to buying a sofa or couch!

Bean bag furniture is available in various shapes, sizes, & fillings. There are different types according to its usage such as:

(a) Kids or Youth Bean Bag Chairs: 

These types of bean bags are small to medium in size for little kids up to 4’-6” tall. The circumference of kids bean bag furniture varies from 110 to 120 inches approximately.

(b) Large or Teen Bean Bag Chairs:

These types of bean bags are for young adults who are up to 5’-2” tall. The circumference of these bean bag furniture is around 130 to 140 inches approximately.

(c) Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs:

These types of bean bags are for adults who are up to 6’ tall. Its circumference is 140 to 150 inches approximately, and they are mostly preferred by adults.

(d) Double Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs:

These types of bean bags are really huge and are preferably for adults up to 6’-5” tall. Its circumference is around 170 to 180 inches approximately.

Different fabrics used to make bean bag chairs are as follows:

01. Cotton:

With a view to have mild and breezy feeling while sitting on your bean bag, you can definitely try cotton fabric. It is breathable, comfortable & affordable, but it has several drawbacks when it comes to bean bag furniture. It has virtually no stain resistance, absorbs liquids quickly and takes a long time to dry.

02. Leather:

The leather is a vibrant material for an indoor bean bag & most widely used for chairs & couches. Selecting leather as the fabric will ensure you sophistication, luxury & lots of comfort, but at the same time it very expensive.

03. Silk:

Silk is a viable fabric for bean bag chairs, but like leather, it is prohibitively expensive for most people.

04. Faux Leather:

It is artificial leather made of PVC or polyurethane. It is flexible and waterproof, but it is not very comfortable.

05. Microsuede:

If you are looking for a completely distinctive feeling then choosing this attractive and stylish fabric will be a good idea. It is a type of leather with velvet or furry finish which is more comfortable to use. It is generally used indoors. However, you will find it a bit difficult to clean this fabric and also make sure that you handle it with proper care.

06. Nylon:

Nylon is one of the best fabrics you can use for a bean bag. It is one of the strongest fibres available by weight, is relatively affordable, & can be used both for indoors and outdoors.

07. Polyester:

Polyester is one of the best fabrics for bean bag chairs. It is strong, durable, water resistant & inexpensive. It is waterproof & can be used outdoors.

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