10+ Most Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in the House


Decorating your house is all about the things you do, i.e.the colours you pick, the furniture you love, and the accents you choose to make your space more attractive and so on. It reflects your personality and lifestyle as well. When you enter the house, the ambience of the house leaves a good impression at that time and you feel so relaxed.
There are so many elements while decorating a house such as furniture, colours, curtains, and many others. Many times, you design your home with additional elements but you do not know how to organize those elements. Even the best interior designers or decorators can make mistakes, and there are things you don’t even realize what you are doing.

Common Decorating Mistakes

Have look at the most common decorating mistakes avoid such mistakes:

01. Not Defining Your Priorities

First and most common decorating mistakes that almost every homeowner make is not to define the priority. Therefore, to avoid such mistakes determine whether you own or rent the house and then set your priorities according to your needs, budget, aesthetic or balancing all three.

02. Ignoring the Entryway

The entryway or foyer is the most important space of your house. This area creates the first impression of your house So, don’t neglect this space. Make it as welcoming and as beautiful as possible.

Ignoring Entryway

03. A Room That Lacks Cohesive Look

You always want each room to look different and unique. You need to maintain a certain level of cohesion and theme throughout and decorate your spaces with colour or using other elements. Using pairs of chairs, lamps, etc. is the fastest way to give any room pulled – together look.

Lack of Cohesive Look

04. Ignoring Windows

The windows are the only source of natural light for the room so why ignore them? They also provide nice views and therefore you need to take great advantage of that. But even if the views are not extraordinary, you can still take advantage of your windows with some nice window treatments.

Ignoring Windows

05. Uncomfortable Dining Chairs

You need to pick your dining chairs carefully otherwise it will make you uncomfortable while eating. Make sure that the backrest and armrests feel right and the size and shape are good. If you don’t want to replace your whole dining chair set, you can just add some new seat cushions or covers.

Uncomfortable Dining Chairs

06. Too Many Pillows

This is a common decorating mistake which you might see in your house. You want to make space feeling cosy and comfortable by decorating it with throw pillows. But when it occupies the entire seating then you might have a problem. Use pillows as accent decorations and don’t exaggerate with their numbers.

Too Many Pillows

07. Painting the Walls Before Choosing the Furniture

This is one of the common painting mistakes. You often decide the colour without taking consideration of furniture details. Therefore, to avoid this painting mistake, you should avoid painting the walls first and then choosing the furniture. There are a lot of colours to choose from when it comes to painting but not so many when it comes to furniture and accessories.

Painting Walls Before Choosing Furniture

08. Using Your Favorite Colour as the Main Colour

If you love a colour why not want to see it in your home? Actually, it doesn’t mean that not to use your favourite colour in the decoration. But don’t make it the main colour because this is not the best way to highlight your favourite colour. Try to use it in small amounts at different places. Also, you will probably become tired if you see it everywhere.

Using Your Favorite Colour as the Main Colour

09. Pressing Furniture Against the Walls

This is a very common decorating mistake and we all do it one or other way without realizing that there are other options also available. If you push all the furniture against the walls, you make space look like a hallway and you don’t want to disturb (entice) conversation or interaction between people. Avoid this mistake, especially in the living room. Make sure that your furniture placement should not harm anyone while you are walking around it.

Pressing Furniture Against Wall

10. Furniture that Doesn’t Fit

This is also one of the furniture placement mistakes. This decorating mistake happens when the furniture pieces are either too big or too small for space. Also, for those that don’t suit a particular space because they feature the wrong style, wrong shapes or colours. You need to just use your imagination.

Furniture that Doesn’t Fit

11. Not Measuring Things

Don’t go in search for furniture without measuring the space first. Whether you are looking to buy a sofa or a pot, always measure the space to make sure it fits. If you are just guessing, you might have a problem later on.

Not Measuring Things

12. Hanging Window Treatments Too Low

You may think that by hanging window treatments like curtains really low and touch the floor will give the modern and elegant look to your room. But in reality, if you hang window treatments too low this makes the room look short and your decoration looks inelegant.

Hanging Window Treatment Too Low

13. Rugs with the Wrong Proportions

If the rug is either too small or too big for a room, it won’t look good. The proportions can be depended upon the function of the room and its layout. Therefore, avoid an awkward look of rugby measuring the space before you purchase the rug.

Rugs with Wrong Proportion

14. Hanging Artwork Too High

Hanging artwork too high is the common decorating mistake. We often hanging artwork too high on the wall, and we forget that actually, we need to feel comfortable while looking at it. Normally, the centre of the artwork needs to be at eye level. Leave one wall blank in every room to give the eye a place to rest.

Hanging Artwork Too High

15. Displaying Everything You Have

If you have a lot of pictures it doesn’t mean you have to display them all. You need to pick certain pictures and ones you like best, only use those. In this way, you will save space and you will be able to display the pictures in a more organized and stylish fashion, using matching frames or creating some unique patterns.

Displaying Everything

16. Using Lighting Incorrectly

Be sure that each room has both general illumination and task lighting. Your art and accessories should have accent lighting whenever possible.

Using Incorrect Lighting

17. Keeping Things, You Don’t Like

You always want to keep things that are given by your near and dear. If it is ugly or if you don’t like it or need it, get rid of it. At some point, you need to decide whether or not it is really worth keeping that thing in your home.

Keeping Things, You Don’t Like

Everyone, therefore, can learn how to redecorate your rooms by being aware of these common decorating mistakes by either preventing them or correcting them. You probably need to refer these tips throughout the decoration of your house. Therefore, before starting your home decoration, be careful. Keep these notes at your fingertips.

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