Top 10 Accessories for your Bedroom Décor!


Home is not just made with four walls and a roof. It is actually that safe haven where you share your joys, sorrows and enjoyable moments with your loved family members. Each room of your home thus needs to be designed in a manner that reflects your style statement. Though when we talk of a bedroom the first thing that comes to our mind is a lush bed with flowy sheets on it. However, there are some other bedroom accessories for your bedroom décor too, which add up the grace and let us have a look at some of them.

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01. Bed Sheets and a Mattress

White bed sheets and mattress

The bed sheets are what make the bed look inviting. Naturally, you cannot put your money in something which looks low quality and cheap. It is important that you buy a bed sheet with high thread cotton count and that should be combined with a bottom sheet, 4 pillow covers and a duvet cover to compliment. Since you are going to spend your time on the bed buying a good quality mattress is crucial too. Investing your money in a soft yet sturdy mattress is what would suit you the best.

02. Throw Pillows and Cushions

Throw pillows and cushions

Want to add a bit of colour and pattern to the décor of your room? Along with the regular pillows add some cushions and throw pillows to experiment with dabs of colour. For the best impact do not go with more than three pillows. If you can contrast your room colour combination with that of these pillows and add some textures and prints the effect would be extraordinary.

03. Sheer Curtain

Purple sheer curtain

Sheer curtains not only make your room look cozy, but they also stop the harsh sun from bothering your comfort and privacy. For the ultimate effect, you should try and buy sheer curtains with length, touching the ground. Their presence provides a light and fresh look to the room and the ambiance is enhanced too.

04. Throw Blankets

White throw blankets

Your bedroom deserves some warmth and colour and a throw blanket is useful in doing just that. Whether on the bed or just lounging on a chair this blanket adds up to the comfort offered. Though when not in use just keep it folded at the edge of your bed. The key though is to splurge on colours as that would give an exotic appearance to the room décor.
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05. Shams

Sky blue shams

Though people may stress on a sham not being so useful their aura is definitely difficult to beat. Instead of the regular pillows, you can place shams at the top of your bed and they definitely add to the glamour of the room. You can place four shams; two European shams rested against the headboard and two standard shams resting in front of them. Opting for contrast with the comforter or keeping it matching both is fine as long as they look pleasing to you.

06. Lighting Sources

Lighting sources

Your bedroom is your private space and the light sources present increase its beauty. Apart from ceiling lighting, you could use a floor lamp and a bedside lamp to provide multiple sources for the same. If you can find unique pieces for each of these categories then nothing like it. However, if your budget does not permit you can make one a show stopper. Something like an animal figurine, a chandelier or a sleek floor lamp experiment and get the best look out of them. You can even create a custom made LED sign with your preferred design and colors to match your decor. It can include letters, words, your signature, or your favorite logo depending upon your choice. This can also be a fun addition to any dark corner of your bedroom.

07. Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Even if your bedroom is already carpeted or has wooden flooring an area rug is still a valuable addition to it. It adds a layer and texture which is otherwise not easy to achieve. When figuring out how to select an area rug make sure that at least two-thirds of the bed are covering it. In normal situations, it means you would need a 5*8 or 8*10 rug sizes dependent on the bed size. You could also opt for a smaller rug which could be placed at the foot of the bed.

08. Painting or Artwork

Painting or artwork

If you place a large painting on the wall over your bed it adds panache to the room. You could even opt for small artworks but the impact of a large piece is much more subtle and noticeable for your wall decor. However, do not just restrict yourself to framed paintings and prints. Choose from mirrors, framed maps, wall decals, tapestries, and enlarged photos. In the end, whatever you choose should be half the width of your bed then only the entire appearance would look balanced enough.

09. Wallpaper


If a painting is too much for you to choose and arrange then you could give a whole new look to your bedroom by choosing a wallpaper. It could be in contrast or something to match with the theme of your room décor. The biggest bonus of wallpaper is that you can always change as and when you feel the same does not match up to the beauty of your bedroom as you get bored with the old one over the days.

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10. Personalized Items

Personalized items

Your bedroom is definitely different from the any other rooms in your house. It is your private retreat and there is no harm in making it look like that. For the personal feel, you can place photos of your near and dear ones or any item that you made and simply adore. The aura of the bedroom is increased when you decorate it in a way that makes all the people sharing the room feel nice about being there.
To sum up the article, the bedroom of your place is the rest zone where you come after a tiring day at work. Naturally, you would want it to be a replica of your inner thoughts and ideas. Place these accessories in your bedroom and make it more than just another room in your house. Let your creativity loose and unravel your innermost desires and give it a personal touch. If you are amongst the eco- friendly ones you could also place a plant in your room and give it a touch of nature. Go ahead, experiment and you would love to come back to your personal retreat every day, every moment.

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