Bedroom Types With Bedroom Furniture!


Apr 27, 2016

Bedroom is primarily used for Sleeping, Resting, Personal Care, Storing Clothes, Dressing/Undressing; etc which means that it has to be a very private space away from the common rooms which are meant for entertaining guests. Typical bedroom furniture  pieces required are as follows:


Basic Bedroom Furniture Pieces:

  • Bed – there are several types of beds depending upon the number of people sharing them! It can be single bed, Double bed, King size bed, Crib (for infant), Bunk bed, etc.
  • Dressing table or a furniture unit with mirror
  • Dresser or chest of drawers – for storage of appliances
  • Bed side table – used for storage and provision of night lamps
  • Chairs
  • Wardrobe or closet – it can be 2 shutter for single occupancy and 4 to 6 shutter for double occupancy bedroom and it is used for storage of clothes, accessories etc
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In spite of above regular uses of Bedroom, they are also used for other minor activities like Reading, Studying, Writing, Working, Watching TV, Listening to music, Caring for Infants, Telephoning, Sewing, Doing Exercise, and should be calm and peace.

Bedroom can be categorise in to four different types according to the different age group & space necessity like:

Master Bedroom:

Master bedroom is used by owner of family where the room space is larger than other bedrooms. The Master bedroom furniture pieces includes the provision of extra seating space, reading space with desk, attached toilet & dress and even balcony sometimes.

Master Bedroom

Kids Bedroom:

Kids bedroom is used by the kids of family with provision of bunk beds, Storage for toys, study area, games and other creative activities.

Children Bedroom-Bunk Bed
Children Bedroom-Bunk Bed

You can give a perfect place to sleep for kids bedroom furniture pieces and accessories. From fun and functional bedroom furniture, bookcase to shelving cute cosy beds, mattresses & bedding you can create the dream home for your kids!

Children Bedroom-Storage Space
Children Bedroom-Storage Space

Guest Bedroom:

Guest bedroom is used by the guest who arrived in house and stay for some couple of days. This bedroom is mostly designed on ground floor of any house. The main quality of this bedroom is that it is flexible to use or change this room to use it for any other purposes at times of any occasion.

Guest Bedroom

Grandparents Bedroom:

Grandparents bedroom is used by senior citizen of the family with attached toilet and is advisable to designed on ground floor for ease in access to other rooms due to their age constrain and other health problems.

Grandparents Bedroom

Therefore while planning your home interior, one should know the bedroom types, its usage & bedroom furniture pieces required for family members different age group!

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