Home Environment For Kids: Understand Their Lifestyle & Bedroom Furniture!


Having children is an adventure and one way you realise how quickly they grow up from Infant to the Toddlers to the Teen and according to their need and age you need to change their bedroom’s style and furniture. As they grow older, their bodies require new furniture and their minds are now get stimulated by their living environment. Therefore, the environment for kids should be such that it stimulates their manners and behavior.

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A kids bedroom is their comfort and safe zone throughout their childhood and when they reach their teenage years it becomes their sanctuary. Rooms really affect our moods, that is why we choose the colours that lighten an interior space and make us feel happy and calm. This is particularly important in a kids bedroom, where light, colour, space and furnishings all come into play in creating the perfect, happy and calm environment for kids.
Nowadays, the concept of kids/Children bedroom has been changing! The bedroom is playing an essential role as a heart in homes. One-third of the people’s life spent in their bedroom. A bedroom is no longer a room for only sleeping, in fact, a room becomes a place whose use has been extended by the other activities like reading, playing games, conversation, work, enjoying television or video, music, etc. The new customs and leisure have taken over in the kids bedroom and this is reflected in the kids furniture! Ideally, to make lifestyle easy, enjoyable & comfortable, you need to design your kids bedroom furniture accordingly.

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Develop the Bedroom Environment For Kids

Children bedroom environment & its furniture should ideally be the “take off” ground for enlarging the children’s imagination!

01. Built Environment For Kids

The young children’s are so imaginative in their own spheres of actions. Therefore, environment for kids should be designed amazingly in a different manner than the adults. A child usually perceives the things what they saw realistically, but their environment should also depend on their unlimited imaginations.
For example, a child may use anything as a play material that the designer might have never thought or planned!

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A well-arranged environment should enhance children’s development through learning and play. The way the physical environment is designed and configured influences how your children feel, act, and behave. The physical environment allows the growth and development of mind through activities and materials in defined play areas. Otherwise, they will find out ways against the limitation with their imagination. Children’s are often able to adapt themselves to the existing environment and change the environment according to their desires!

02. Bring Softness in Environment 

A soft and responsive physical environment is important; it will help your child to feel more secure. The younger the child and longer the day activities, the more importance should be given to softness and comfort! For example the rugs used for your kids bedroom should be soft & furry! Softness should also included in kids bedroom furniture with smoother edges, bedding, etc. Make your kids room more secured by knowing these childproof tips for your kids.

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Add on to your list to built a soft environment for kids including your kids activities:

  • Child cosy kids furniture:  rockers, couches, stuffed chairs
  • Large carpet or rug!
  • Grass to be on!
  • Sand to be in: box or area
  • Dirt to dig in!
  • Furry animals to hold!
  • Sling swings
  • Play dough
  • Water as an activity!
  • Very messy materials: finger paint, clay, mud, water added to sand

According to Elizabeth Jones – The basic quality common to all the softness indicators is the sensory responsiveness.  When you touch the water, or a swing, or a pillow, it responds to your touch; it moves!  It doesn’t just resist you like a hard floor or chair. You can use your body the way you want to on a rug. You can push sand around or pound on clay, and each does what you want it to do!

03. Security in kids Bedroom

Getting enough sleep is important for all of us, and school-aged kids are no exception. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule helps your child to perform better in school and boosts their immune system. Your kids should feel secured in the places where they can relax safely. Nothing is more important than ensuring that child feels secured in their bedroom. If it is not giving a feeling of security, then they will not spend their time in bedroom. You can also use motion sensors that adds more security for your small kids!

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04. Safety Environment for Kids

Safety involves use and context of the equipments. Equipments and materials should be continuously monitored for repair, and safe use. It may happen that elements may work in one context and may be unsafe for another. Each element should be so designed that it does not create any physical injury or other bodily harms.

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In addition to ensure that individual items are safe, it’s important to take an overall approach to the safety in your kids room including your kids activities like:

  • Never place attractive toys on a high shelves, which could encourage him/her to climb.
  • Never leave the drawers open, which could encourage him/her to step into them.
  • Never use sharp corners and rough texture on any finishing materials in your kids room. Specially designed corner cushions guards help to prevent injuries. There are many more tips to childproof your home & bedroom to plan the safety environment for kids.

05. Privacy for Kids

Everyone loves their privacy doesn’t matter if they are children or adult. Everyone have their own certain areas/spot or territories within the home. They need places to watch from and to hold back in particular place.

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Psychologically, children’s need for privacy is something very much linked to the development of the sense of self as separate from others. Babies never require privacy as they don’t recognise that other individuals exist, but as children grow and increasingly do appreciate that other people exist, their needs too grow and they are able to keep things secret from those other people. By middle-childhood, children’s are very much aware of themselves as individuals who participate in a variety of social groups comprised of other individuals. Their awareness of themselves as group members only grows sharper when they attend school. Correspondingly, middle-childhood aged children’s need to have some area within their homes that is their own private space and which they can expect to control.
However, home environment should also be organized by sets of social rules and regulation on the interaction among the users of the home for the proper evolvement of your kids.

06. Choose Soothing Colour For Kids Room

Kids bedrooms are an excellent place for playing around with colour. Kids’ love to have bright, bold and uniquely coloured rooms. It reflects the liveliness of their nature.

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As we all know that the colour plays a vital role psychologically in our life. Therefore, going too bold with a kids room can be a mistake! You have to play around with a combination of bold colours and subtler accents to create a room where your child can feel awake and alive and also get relaxed enough to sleep at night!
The key to find the right colours for your own kid is to let your children’s personalities come through as they help you to pick out paints and create the space that they live in! Therefore, make sure that the colour of your kids bedroom should contribute his/her moods and anxiety level more than you realise!

07. Make Your Kids Room a Flexible

Things which we are going to use either it is furniture or any element should be flexible in usage. Because, your child is not going to remain a child forever. Hence choose your kids bedroom furniture accordingly. The furniture life should also be considered while selecting the material & design of kids bedroom. Always plan your kids bedroom such that it can be converted easily without spending much! There should always be a harmony between your budget, children’s need & need of the design and life of each element.

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Kids will always perform better where the environment for kids are encouraging for learning and developing good manners. Therefore to maintain a neat, orderly home, implementing routines and systems, teaching your child the right skills can happen to be an important task for the parents at home on a day-to-day basis.
Share your views, experiences and ideas to add on to this article to make it more helpful for our readers.

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