9 Secrets of Perfect Interiors for Your Home!

When we plan to renovate our home, the first thing that comes to our mind is to get the best look without too much efforts. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Most home decor items and colour co-ordinated furnishings are expensive items. Even if you invest, some basic amount will be barely any contribution when it translates to the effect. However, with little creativity and your time, you too can create wonder.

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Here we bring to you 9 top interior design ideas that you can lavishly use and create a perfect home for yourself without exceeding your budget.

Best Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

01. Each Room as a Blank Slate

The best part about designing the whole house in one go is that you can have the privilege of analysing each room as an individual. First of all, find out which features of each room you can highlight and create the best impact. There would be architectural details like crown moulding, hardwood floors, built in book shelves etc. It is these places that you need to bring forth when you start designing. Keep them clean, clutter-free and yet the focal point of the room. For example, if you have an absolutely breath-taking fireplace, you do not need to do anything else. The beauty of your room is centered around that, and the work is done!

Room as a Blank Slate

02. Colour is the Key

Incorporating colour in your room is the key to make a wow impact. The paint you use in your room is not only an inexpensive item, if used sensibly it creates the best look ever possible for a room. It is purely your choice if you need to tone down on the colour or just want to make it look as bold as possible. In fact, if you plan to move and sell the home then adding just the right colour can even help you get a high price for the same which is a win-win situation for you. Splash on and use bright coloured hues if you want a vibrant look. Similarly, pastel colours can be used where you want to give a subtle feel to the room.

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Colour Choice

03. Wall Art Wherever Possible

Those days are gone when the walls were not supposed to be decorated. Nowadays, wall art is considered as the most valuable house decorating idea, so it is better to utilize them well. Family photos or DIY arts anything can look good on them provided you plan well in advance as to what is suitable. You should make sure that the wall art you choose should look good on the wall. Also, there may be situations where no artwork would be required at all, so just leave it just like that. If you have the creative flair in you, it would be good if you can make your own creations and flaunt them as a wall art. It saves you a lot of extra money that way.

Wall Art Work

04. Accessories

Using accessories sensibly is your sure shot way to guarantee a beautiful house no matter what. Luckily, magazines on home improvement offers you a lot of house decorating ideas on how you can use them. If you do not get inspiration from them then the internet can be your jaunt to find interesting interior design ideas. Our series of articles in Gharpedia will help you to do that. In case, you can not think and you need any inspiration, just visit any local home decor or accessories store and have a look at the decor items present there. Lights, lamps, candle stands, cushion covers and many more home decor items can be explored about. You can match them with your home decor or even something different is equally acceptable. However, there is a danger of over splurging as the variety of items is too tempting to ignore so do keep that in mind. Similarly, if you have a lot of decorative items to showcase, you can always match and mix and present the ultimate graceful look. You can find out antique items and place them with your modern accessories as it would only add up to the finish of your home.

Decorative Accessories

05. Higher Ceiling Illusion

When working on your home creating an illusion of a high ceiling make your home look a tad more spacious and airy. Though you cannot make any changes to the ceiling, you can always work on the window heights and raise the bar a bit. It is common for people to ignore the windows as they think that the only style effect, we can give to them is in terms of trendy curtains. But you must also know, using long curtains and drapes can also create an impression of higher ceiling. However, the same is not true in all cases and by adding fabric to the existing panel or by adding vertical stripes wallpaper you can achieve that look. For that, you might have to first find the perfect piece of fabric and then maybe get a tailor to create it as per the height you require.

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Higher Celing Illusion

06. Statement Items  

This interior design idea may challenge your budget but if you spend with care you can get some great pieces to enhance the beauty of your home decor. Dining tables, rugs, chandeliers, sofas all if used a little intelligently can add up to the glamour. If you decide on going with these pieces make sure you pick colours and items which would be durable and up for long time use. Since most of the items are expensive purchases do not waste money on something which is just too flimsy and showy. You can also choose lamps and lighting fixtures which add up to the mystique of the statement pieces that you have decided to choose.

Use Statment Items

07. Increase the Size

It is not wrong if you pick voluminous pieces for home decor. Even if these pieces are not very expensive, they tend to give a big impression to the place where you settle them. You can use large scale art and decor canvas on your wall and decorate it accordingly. Or an over sized mirror that has been placed on one side of the room along with two other similar items is also a good house decorating idea. Mirrors as it looks elegant in any setup and when larger than the life they are bound to be attention grabbers. By using such home décor items, the attention of your guest goes immediately to that place as you have done something which is completely out of the box. You can also create a well-composed gallery wall with such huge pieces to grant elegance to the same.

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Use Voluminous Decor Items

08. Working on the Overall Interior Layout

While there are many tips to do so effectively it is important that you maintain a uniform theme for all your rooms. So if you want the green look then you can add planters all over the house. These include plants of various sizes and place them such that they add to the mystique of the interiors. While doing this, always remember that the whole interior layout must follow theme and harmony, as a whole and not in parts, so your feelings flow uniformly while you move from one room to other. So, first plan a whole interior layout and then proceed further.

Overall Interior Layout

09. Designing Individual Elements

Designing and working on each element of your room is also a good interior design idea. It not only gives a separate look to each part of the home but at times tries to depict the synchronization between the different home decor items presents there. For best results, use three colour of shades one for the walls, one for couches and last for the accessories present. You can also experiment with various textures if you do not want to dabble into multiple colours. Decorative bowls, wicker baskets, trays are your companions in getting a beautiful impact to the same. Plus the use of flowers always imparts grace so use them as lavishly as possible.

Each furniture element has a dedicated use for providing you comfort apart from elegance. Hence, focus on designing each individual element like chair, bed, wardrobe, sofa or even small corner piece, such that they are not only highly functional and elegant but together they add to the grandness and provides you all the care and comfort either you work or rest.

Desinging Individual Element

Having a perfect home is a dream that almost all people cherish. However, getting a picture-perfect look is something that needs a lot of analysis and hard work. Use the above interior design ideas to make your home look huge and stylish at the same time.  Always make sure to use your imagination in the best possible manner as best results are achieved only when all boundaries are broken. Finding this kind of look without spending an exorbitant amount of money is a deal worth while and you do something out of the box. Go on and make your home safe and ultra-sophisticated heaven for all to see.

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